B.Y.O.S. Bring Your Own Scooper

By - Early Jackson On Apr 17, 2015

B.Y.O.S. Bring Your Own Scooper


While traveling a few days ago I found myself with some extra time in the airport. Usually I am responding to emails, working on some writing or even catching a nap. But this day I ended wandering the terminal looking for a distraction. I came across a neat little novelty candy shop. Before I knew it I was racking up a few bucks worth of gummies, crunchies and the likes. As I went back for more jelly beans, the cashier and I started laughing at my method of gathering my goodies. She noticed I had grabbed the larger scooper from one candy section to use in another. When asked why, I figured everyone did it. After all, who wants to waste time with a small scooper right?

I still had time before I took off so it got me to thinking about life, scoopers and how we use them. First, the scooper in the candy store is a perfect analogy of our response to life. Like Nelson Mandela once said, “Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?” What a way to put it! Often we use small play to adjust to the many disappointments we have suffered. Somehow we believe playing small in business, relationships and personal development will equal less stress. We get cozy in our comfort zones never realizing that the true enemy to greatness is not defeat but comfort. We exchange the struggle of obtaining our goals for a passive lifestyle of low living. This doesn’t serve us or the purpose we were put on earth to accomplish.

So with my bigger scooper, I went to town on jelly beans. With only one shovel, I was able to get more into my plastic bag and save a few seconds fooling around with a miniature spoon. It began to sink in that life in general doesn’t respond to what you want but what you’re willing to grab with both hands. Or in this case; with a giant scooper. Here are a couple of things I think go well with the concept of using a bigger scooper in life:

  • The size of your scooper is really the size of your expectations: Great things begin at the end of your comfort zone. When you think of the people who have shattered expectations and exceeded goals, they are usually one who had the audacity to expect big things. I can’t say enough about this starting point. Each day we are faced with the temptation to play it safe and small. We can cower in the corner or charge head first into our day. If you expect to succeed, you will have to pull out a bigger scooper and go for it!
  • The size of your scooper is really the size of past hurts: We’ve all had our plans fall apart. Sometimes we find what we should be doing right after a tremendous failure. It has happened to us all. It is in these times we discover what we are really made of. Will we jump back up and start afresh or lie in defeat? Hiccups are par for the course of following your dreams. Get over it. You can’t resort to a smaller scooper because you had a setback.
  • The size of your scooper is really the size of your heart: Earlier I spoke of expectations. Well it’s one thing to expect it, and something totally different to have the heart to go after it. I can tell the size of someone’s scooper by the ferocity in which they pursue their dreams. Small pursuit is an indicator of a small scooper. Overtime we are brainwashed into believing we can’t trust our heart. People will warn you to be sensible, rational or cautious. I say let the size of your goal dictate the size of the scooper you use.

Ask yourself where you have been using a small scooper. Be honest and hold yourself accountable for any area of small living. What you’ll begin to see is your bag get fuller faster. You’ve got things to get done so you don’t have time playing around with a teaspoon when you could be using a long handled extra-large scooper.

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