Whitney Headen

Nationally recognized marketing strategist with an affinity for empowering young professionals to success.

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A leader at work and beyond, Whitney is passionate about the next generation. In addition to the dozens of mentees and former interns she has helped, she regularly share career building and personal finance advice with young professionals and millennials through speaking, writing, and coaching.As a content producer and brand strategist she has an affinity for storytelling and executing big ideas for some of the world’s largest brands.Known for her tremendous work ethic and commitment to results, simply put, she excels at getting things

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to our team about your personal story. You challenged us all to look deeper at our decisions and reflect on how we can challenge ourselves to survive in today’s completive job market.- Jessica Stallone, Laguardia Community College

Before the workshops, I felt nervous about the job process. Now, thanks to you, I feel much more comfortable and confident about what I have and yet to bring to the table for potential future employers.

- Paulomi Das, University at Albany - SUNY

I want to thank you for taking the time out to come and speak to the Street Team. Hearing your story and what you went through has definitely encouraged me and motivated me to take risks. I left our workshop inspired to do more and learn more in my design field.

- Lauren Viera, LCC Graphic Design Major

Whitney was an integral part in helping me relocate from Virginia to California and helping me identify what it would take to succeed in a new city. Through her workshops, I learned two very important lessons that have taken me far, the first being the power of utilizing your existing skills and the second always being prepared no matter what.

- Everett Hobbs, Virginia Commonwealth University Graduate

    • Personal Journey as a Millennial Executive
    • Defining Your Personal Brand
    • Crossing The Generational Divide
    • Creating Professional Life Currency


    • How to Become a Content Creator
    • Creating 360 Marketing Programs
    • Leveraging Events for Consumer Marketing Opportunities
    • The Evolution of Social Media


    • Personal Journey
    • Why Passion Matters
    • Actionable Goal Setting
    • Building Confidence and Gaining Credibility


    • Land the Job: Resume and interviewing tips
    • Keeping the Job: Taking Initiative to Get Ahead
    • Networking: Building, managing, and growing meaningful relationships
    • Financial Literacy: Growing and managing your finances

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