Veronica M. Brooks

International speaker, motivator, bestselling author and coach. Ignite your reality check with the mastery of how to gain wealth using your own skills and abilities.

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Veronica M. Brooks was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, although she considers Jacksonville, Florida, as her home station, after living there for over 20 years. She completed an Associate of Arts degree in Political Science from Florida State College, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Dual Master’s degree in Business Administration Management and Human Resource Management. Back in 2000, she received an appointment to the Department of Defense. She served as the Supervisory Contracting Officer at Nava

Books and Products
WEALTHY LIFE SKILLS byVeronica Brooks. WEALTHY LIFE SKILLS, is a great book for anyone who want to unleash their potential to be successful! The book can also be an eye-opener, that everyone has the ability to become whoever they want to be! - Dr. Henry L. Causly, Henry Causly Ministries, Inc. U.S.A California

Wealthy Life Skills contains simplified, easy-to-follow, step-by-step, wealth-building strategies. This incredibly phenomenal book shows how anyone, in any walk of life, can set and achieve wealthy goals. 

- Beverly Washington, Federal Government Department of Defense Environmental Engineer. U.S.A Florida

Wealthy Life Skills is an amazing book thats easy to understand while teaching people that they have what it takes to succeed and achieve financial abundance. 

- Dr. Steve K. Branch Multi Million Dollar Earner Coaching, Training and building Teams U.S.A. Virginia

Wealthy Life Skills is one book that truly caters to people who want to change their lives for the better. I enjoy my free time reading good books and articles. This is one among the best books that caters to most people. Its a must read! God Bless 

- John & Vinolia, India

Wealthy Life Skills is an empowering book that simplifies the process of gaining wealth. This easy to read book breaks down and corrects the misconceptions about finances and teaches you to incorporate life skills en route to financial success. A must read for the young and older age group. 

- Demetrius Kilgore, U.S.A. Georgia
  • Wealthy Life Skills

    • Ninety Days to Start Gaining Wealth
    • Wealthy Life Skills
    • Fearless
    • Networking that actually works
    • Exploring Life Skills
    • Atmosphere of Achieving Your Dreams and Goals
    • The Power of Female Entrepreneurship
    • How to walk in your power
    • How to Succeed in Life Using your Own Skills and Abilities
    • How to Position Yourself for Success
    • Identifying Obstacles
    • Veronica's Life Story - What to do when it seems like all odds are against you

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