Dr. Towanna Burrous Freeman

President, CoachDiversity Institute | Certified Coach (PCC) | Best Selling Author | Advocate for Youth

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Dr. TowannaPresident of CoachDiveristy Institute, an inspirational speaker, certified professional coach, and advocate for young women based in Washington, DC.She is an award winning author of two books The CALL: Inspiring Stories for Young Men About Character, Accountability, Love, and LeadershipandPurposeful Action: 7 Steps to Fulfillment. As a much sought after leadership development coach, Towanna helps develop and implement successful corporate leadership, effective team building and the initiation of strategic change. She is a professional coach credentialed by the

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Towanna Freeman is one of the most brilliant and capable life coaches in America today. Her insights as a mom, wife and professional have given me valuable inputs into my own life and business. Towanna is also highly effective at teaching life coaches how to become more efficient and successful professionals. All of our worlds are made better when given a chance to interact with Towanna.- Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World Coalition

Dr. Freeman epitomizes what it means to be a servant leader. She has taken BLC from being a ‘business’ to becoming the tide that uplifts the community. Thank you Dr. Freeman for embracing the belief that if the community wins, individuals win as well.

- Alonzo M. Kelly, Kelly Leadership Group, LLC

Towanna has an amazing ability to cut to the root of what holds us back from accomplishing our goals. She has a keen sense of directiveness, balanced with empowerment and faith that leads people to reach their truest potential. Towanna is an amazing coach, woman and facilitator of change

- Jennifer Barley, Certified Life Coach
  • Towanna is a trusted partner and problem-solver for many clients all over the world, tackling issues and aspects to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives.

    Popluar topics include:
    • Plan and Pursue Your Purpose: The Power of Daily Purposeful Action
    • Aligning Your Values With Your Career Choices
    • Purposeful Acceleration: Leadership Development for Mid-Level Managers and Key Contributors
    • Life in Balance: How to Successfully Manage Your Family & Your Career

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