T’Keyah Crystal Keymah

Award-winning Performer, Writer, Producer, and Director.

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Performer, writer, producer and director T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh (Ta-Kee-ah Kristle Kee-Mah) is back on the Hollywood scene. Ten years after 'Tonya Baxter' mysteriously moved to London to study law, the actress who embodied the quirky character, loved by Disney fans worldwide, is acting steadily once again. A performer since childhood, Keymáh studied theater, dance, voice, and pantomime in high school, then turned down a business scholarship to complete her studies at Florida A&M University with a degree in Theatre, co-

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Your words inspired our girls to commit to excellence and pursue their dreams! The students are still talking about your visit and what you said.- Teacher, Santa Monica High School

Your words were inspiring.

- University President, Florida A & M University

  • Creating Your Success

    Raised by her grandparents from the age of two; a performer in a crowded house where “that mess” wasn’t tolerated, and the youngest and “least important person” in the house, T’Keyah developed determination, charm, and provable strategies for success at an early age. Throughout her life there continued to be many physical, social and emotional challenges which she overcame, usually, though not always, with style and grace. Her philosophy is that, “All people have hurdles; some just higher than others. Those with the highest hurdles can become the best jumpers.” In this talk, filled with personal and professional anecdotes, T’Keyah reveals the practical survival lessons and success strategies that she learned as a child, honed as an adult and expects to use for the rest of her life; leaving her audience empowered.

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