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TJ Haygood

TJ Haygood

Military Spouse & Award Winning Business Leader Inspires Professional Women & Others for Greater Success

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    Mrs. Haygood is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Confidential Search Solutions (CSS). TJ and her team represent some of the most prestigious companies in San Antonio, Texas and across the country. Their unique “triangular business perspective,” brings significant value to their clients.

    Professionally, TJ gained significant corporate, business, and government industry experience in the areas of accounting, business ownership, corporate training, and executive recruiting during her 25+ years as an active duty Air Force officer’s wife. After receiving numerous job promotions, corporate awards, exotic trips, and winning a BMW convertible, TJ took a huge leap of faith in 2009 when her husband retired from active duty, to start Confidential Search Solutions, an employment consulting and training company in the middle of the great recession. Within three years, TJ became the 2012 recipient of the Small Business Leadership Award from the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, in San Antonio, Texas and was invited to the White House.

    Personally, TJ delivers memorable and practical solutions that provide high quality and authentic ingredients for her clients’ relevant and immediate use. She is a natural leader and an inspirational speaker, known for her unquestionable passion for helping professional women and small business leaders reach greater levels of success.

    TJ’s shared experience of successes and failures inspires both young and old. If you need a speaker who can connect with your audience and inspire them for positive change, TJ is one person you will be happy to admit you personally invited her to speak at your event.

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