Tina Lifford

Tina Lifford

Artist, Facilitator, Speaker, Playwright and Author.

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    The Artist        
    With more than 15 years as a working Hollywood actress, Tina Lifford is recognizable around the industry to say the least. Over her career Tina has achieved a number of notable accomplishments, among them: becoming the first black female series lead (since Diahann Carroll) in the critically acclaimed half-hour series South Central on Fox. Tina portrayed the iconic Winnie Mandela opposite Hollywood legends Sydney Poitier and Michael Caine in the Showtime biopic Mandela and de Klerk, as well as Mama Haze in The Temptations Story, which went on to become one of the highest grossing made-for-television movies in history. Tina has starred in more than 90 television shows and films opposite industry legends such as Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Willis, Jennifer Garner, Danny Glover and Steve Martin just to name a few. Notable television credits include: CSI, Cold Case, In Plain Sight, Criminal Minds, Nip/Tuck and Heroes. Working in an industry that chews talent up and spits them out isn’t easy; Tina’s journey of being more than a flash in the pan is full of humor, and both inspirational and instructive. 

    The Facilitator
    In the world of personal development Tina Lifford is a trailblazer. She founded The Inner Fitness Project to codify principles of Inner Fitness in an effort to make the pursuit of Inner Fitness as common and well-understood as physical fitness. From her study of spirituality, psychology, personal development, and her good ole life experience, Tina has distilled her research into The 14 Practices of Inner Health and Wellness. The 14 Practices are to Inner Fitness what sit-ups and leg lifts are to physical fitness. They support building mental, emotional and spiritual strength, and inner flexibility – the inner fitness needed to effectively navigate the dramas, traumas, upsets and disappointments that come with life. Tina’s mission: Bringing Inner Fitness to Life. 

    The Playwright & Author
    To further deliver the message of Inner Fitness, Tina has written a play titled “The Circle.” “The Circle” has been entertaining sold-out audiences for the past year. Based on diverse real-life interviews with women ranging in age from 20-something to 70 of all ethnicities and backgrounds, “The Circle” is a powerful, ultimately uplifting 90-minute theatrical experience that models the best practices for self-care. Written in 2010, “The Circle” has been seen by more than 3500 people, and has been contracted by women’s organizations, sororities, and non-profits for their fundraising events. “The Circle” is gearing up for a national tour. Tina’s ability to tell a good story is seen in both the success of “The Circle” and in her upcoming book “The Little Book of BIG LIES” – 14 stories that identify unconscious everyday misconceptions that undermine personal power.

    The Speaker
    Tina Lifford’s personal development expertise has been leveraged into speaking engagements and leadership workshops at The Walt Disney Company. She has been the motivational kick-off speaker for HR and global team building events. Using Inner Fitness as her platform, Tina has developed a corporate Leadership Training program called iTeam. She has facilitated iTeam at Disney’s Consumer Products Division multiple times. Tina has also spoken for women’s organizations such as The Global Women’s Summit (500), The Women Veterans Conference (700), and Sisters Network for Breast Cancer Survivorship (400), and Mile Hi Women’s Conference (500), and spoken on the main stage at The Agape Center of Truth (1000). 

    Tina Lifford is the CEO and Creative Director of Waking Up Fabulous, Inc. She graduated from the University of Santa Monica’s Master Program in Spiritual Psychology in 2005, and the Coaches Training Institute in 2007. She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner in the philosophy of the Science of Mind, with a 15-year private coaching practice.

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