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Tim Carthon
  • Tim Carthon

    Tim Carthon is a long-time educator and a young, hardworking, creative visionary. He is aptly named “The force of the thought-provoking voice” for his amazing ability to help others see things from angles they never knew existed and turn them into a voice for thought-provocation through what he calls the “simpleness of simplicity.”
    A specialist in the fields of education (youth and collegiate), Greek fraternities and sororities, relationships, and credit/budgeting, his unique blend of these four (4) subjects is something marveled at by long-time educators and education administrators throughout the Midwest.
    Being active in Greek life since 1992 and step show choreography since 1995, Mr. Carthon has shaped entire generations of Greek-letter organization members and performances. As a member of Kappa Kappa Psi® N.H.B. Fraternity, Inc., and Alpha Phi Alpha® Fraternity, Inc., he has built a critically acclaimed reputation throughout the Greek fraternity and sorority world for his ground-breaking step show choreography, his knowledge on Greek-letter organization affairs, and navigating the politics of the relationship between organizations and college administrations.
    His performance concepts have been used to win countless national competitions, including the Sprite® Step-Off, and have even warranted interest for his National Greek Awards™ to be televised nationally on Black Entertainment Television (BET).
    Tim Carthon is currently the Founder and Executive Director of the National Greek Fraternity and Sorority Awards®.  He is also President of Premier Budgeting International™, a Cleveland, OH-based consulting firm, and a graduate of Central State University.

    Tim’s signature programs; more commonly known as his one-of-a-kind "3-Tier" Stepping Mission™, are a unique “3-Tier” system of performing arts programs and events combined to systematically train young students in how to better excel academically and socially, while simultaneously fostering a love for the performing arts, all through using Greek-letter organization collegiate role models and a well-known field of performing arts only synonymous to them: Stepping.

    The "3-Tier" Stepping Mission™ Programs are:
          • Tier #1: Stepping: The Art Form™ Program
          • Tier #2: The Speed Stepping™ Showdown™
          • Tier #3: The Young Greek Leadership Program™

    In January, 2014, through an expansion of his “3-Tier” Stepping Mission™, the "STAF Workshops" were created.  These workshops allow Students to be introduced to his E.I.F.R. Perspective™: Seven STEPS to Student Success, but without the higher cost of the complete STAF Program™.

    His company and educational concepts are supported by many educators and public servants such as:
          • Ohio Senator Nina Turner (Minority Whip, 25th District)...
          • The Cleveland Metropolitan School District...
          • The Urban League’s Greater Cleveland Chapter...
          • The Cleveland Council of Black Colleges...
          • ...and the list goes on.

    And with them, Tim Carthon has become an even more powerful educational voice for at-risk students, inner-city youth and families, and Greek-letter organizations and members nationwide.

  • 1.  Education
    2.  College/Greek Life
    3.  Business Infrastructure
    4.  Relationships
    5.  True-Wealth


    Workshop #1: H.T.L.B.: We Are All Puzzle Pieces
    Workshop #2: E.S.I.D.: The 3 Reasons Why You're In School
    Workshop #3: T.A.E.C.: Smaller Visual Steps = Giant Academic Leaps
    Workshop #4: W.Y.T.W.: Do You Really Want To Waste It?
    Workshop #5: Y.C.Y.R.: What Will Your Future's Clothing Look Like?
    Workshop #6: T.A.Y.R.: Who's In Control?
    Workshop #7: L.I.N.K.: Unconscious -vs.- Conscious


    Seminar #1 (Part A): Research, Research, and More Research
    Seminar #1 (Part B): Your Initial and Subsequent Approaches
    Seminar #2 (Part A): Choose Your Organization(s) Wisely
    Seminar #2 (Part B): Be “Elite”


    Seminar #1: Membership Selection
    Seminar #2: Well-oiled Infrastructure
    Seminar #3: Organizational Perception
    Seminar #4: Work, Work, and More Work
    Seminar #5: Public Consistency
    Seminar #6: Limited Events, Event Diversity, and Focus
    Seminar #7: Power Player Network Building


    Seminar #1: Tim Carthon's "Checkmark" Theory
    Seminar #2: Good and Bad's Dangerous Relationship
    Seminar #3: 8 Sheep and 2 Wolves; Unfair Odds
    Seminar #4: "Same Sex"; It's not what you think...
    Seminar #5: "I know, but...": Relationship's Death Words
    Seminar #6: 2 > 3: Tim Carthon's Relationship Math


    Seminar #1: The American Dream, A.K.A., The African-American Nightmare
    Seminar #2: Gain "True Wealth" easily
    Seminar #3: Midnight Millionaires: The Pot at the End of the Rainbow
    Seminar #4: Financial Failure Prevention Through Thought Reinvention
    Seminar #5: The Premier Budgeting A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s
    Seminar #6: Prevention and Thought Reinvention
    Seminar #7: Learning Financial Discipline
    Seminar #8: Wealth or Riches? Choose Wisely
    Seminar #9: A Change of Thought, Not a Change of Heart
    Seminar #10: Discipline: The "21 Rule"

  • Tim is a dynamic speaker. He combines passion, professionalism, and candor that audiences can identify with and relate to.
    -- Kirk Hawkins, CLC, CELC, Founder/President at Maximum Output, LLC

    Always professional and conducting himself in an upstanding manner, Tim Carthon’s attention to detail and work efficiency is consistently awe-inspiring. A greatly inspired, creative, and energetic visionary.
    -- Garry Hicks, Financial Consultant at Datatel

    Tim Carthon is fully committed to providing quality programming to youth that enhances their understanding of themselves, improves their leadership skills and gives them a solid understanding of how to navigate and receive support in college…his vision and leadership have been invaluable to the youth.
    -- Danyll Jones-Lockhart, Director of College Access and Educational Outreach at the Urban League of Greater Cleveland

    Mr. Carthon is a highly effective professional with strong classroom management. I would highly recommend him.
    -- Tina Brandt, 24-year Social Studies Educator

    Mrs. Brandt’s “Educator Ratings” for Tim Carthon (Scale of 1-10):
    Educational Effectiveness: 10
    Classroom Management: 10
    Student Engagement: 10

    Tim Carthon is an excellent educator who works diligently in his efforts to help students grasp concepts and develop a sense of self.
    -- Parthenia Croskey, 16-year Mathematics Educator

    Mrs. Croskey’s “Educator Ratings” for Tim Carthon (Scale of 1-10):
    Educational Effectiveness: 9
    Classroom Management: 10
    Student Engagement: 9

    He demonstrates firm classroom management skills and also develops a good rapport with the students. Finally I know that, when I return to class, the students will be thoroughly taught the subject material. ‘Mr. C’ is awesome!
    -- Diane Burke, 20-year Language Arts Educator

    Mrs. Burke’s “Educator Ratings” for Tim Carthon (Scale of 1-10):
    Educational Effectiveness: 10
    Classroom Management: 10
    Student Engagement: 10

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