Terrence Jenkins
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    Terrence J is a young man with a master plan. From apprenticing with NASCAR® to working on radio and throwing some of the best social gatherings around, Terrence J has been preparing himself for superstardom and making sure that his life is the American Dream, blasted out of the box. Now, he’s using his hosting spot on BET®’s 106 and Park, the hottest music program in the world (airing in the US, Japan and the UK), to take his plan to the next level.

    Since taking over as host almost 4 years ago, Terrence J has watched his plan get bigger and he’s been able to do things that most people can only dream of doing. He’s interviewed such megastars as Madonna, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce and Jay-Z. He’s hosting, along with co-host Rocsi, 106 and Park Weekend Countdown, a syndicated radio program that is broadcast across the country and throughout the Caribbean.

    He’s executive producing—through his own production company—Crank That Vote, a TV show inspired by mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs’ challenge to Terrence to register 100,000 voters in time for the 2008 Presidential election. He’s also expanding his presence online, with ventures that will take advantage of the importance of cyberspace to young people. Terrence J is doing it and building a career that inspires young people around the world.

    As the 2008 face of both the Sean John® clothing line and the Rockport® shoe company, Terrence J has used his easy style and immediate recognition to mass market himself. In addition to Crank That Vote, Terrence is developing TV, film, radio and multimedia projects that embody his visionary entrepreneurial and altruistic spirit. Much in the way that media mogul Tyler Perry has crafted and branded each of his ventures, Terrence seeks to similarly fashion his budding media empire. Sitcoms, feature films, online enterprises etc. are in various stages of manifestation, soon to be revealed to Terrence’s expectant fan base.
    As a civic-minded member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, which he joined during his college years at North Carolina A&T, Terrence J has used his community-oriented upbringing to work with McDonald’s® and their scholarship program, to empower young people of color to find out about college career funding available to them. He also uses his strong appeal and celebrity status to work with rap maverick/actor Ludacris, radio host and comedian Steve Harvey, basketball icon Alonzo Mourning and red-hot NBA® superstar Dwyane Wade with each of their charitable organizations, hosting block parties and youth events. Terrence also speaks on youth panels about peer pressure, drugs and sex. Terrence understands that he’s in a rare position, and that position is something he’s maximizing for his master plan.
    Terrence J knows the importance of taking full advantage of great opportunities and he is using his to prepare himself for the acting career that he knows will soon come. He looks at the careers of Will Smith and Ben Stiller as roadmaps to the success he foresees. “I want to take my career to that Will Smith level, but I also like Ben Stiller because he’s not only going to be the talent, but he executive produces all of his work and you know what you are getting when you go to see a Ben Stiller film. I’ve watched these people for the last 3 ½ years from up-close. Forest (Whitaker)… Denzel (Washington …Will… I get mentored by people like this and that has set me up for success. Diddy is one of my biggest mentors. I pride myself on my versatility. I want the Ben Stiller Power with the Will Smith Versatility. I can pretty much do it all.” Terrence J wants to take the big break that he’s been given, and the powerful upbringing from his hard-working parents and catapult himself to the next level. He proudly states “I’m not here to make money. I’m here to make history.”

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