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Stedman Graham is chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, a Chicago-based management and marketing consulting firm that specializes in corporate and educational markets. Graham delivers his identity message throughout the country and globally to corporations, professional associations, government and civic organizations, colleges and universities, and community groups. As an educator and speaker, Graham lectures and conducts seminars for businesses and educational organizations worldwide on the topics of identity development and leade

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  • SGA Program

    Identity Development
    Part of what makes us human is our ability to be aware of our own existence, to both live and to reflect on our own lives.

    Stedman Graham has made it his mission to bring Identity Development programs to people and organizations worldwide helping them strengthen who they are based on their interests, natural abilities, talents and passions. Through seminars, lectures, and workshops, Graham provides the tools for all people to determine their own identity and to open the door to a life of success.

    Identity: Passport to Freedom
    All participants in SGA programs receive the pocket-sized synopsis of the 9 Step Success Process in a concise and easy-to-read format. This booklet works as a quick-reference guide for participants to have a portable reminder of their goals and be able to show peers what they are working on.

    You Can Make It Happen: A 9 Step Plan For Success
    Stedman Graham’s professional development has been guided by the philosophy he outlines in this New York Times bestseller.

    Identity: Your Passport to Success
    Graham provides a working definition of a strong identity and shares powerful insights about why happiness and success flow directly from it. The book provides a process and structure for identity development by sharing others’ process of discovery and creation, bringing them to life through the stories of individuals who’ve resolved their questions of identity.

    Build Your Own Life Brand
    From traditional corporations to the Internet, from top executives to people trying to make a difference in their communities, branding has become one of the most important concepts in professional and personal marketing. In this groundbreaking work, author Stedman Graham shows readers how to use branding — the technique employed by major advertisers to distinguish their products — for their own benefit.

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