Dr. Shonta M. Smith

“The Essence of Education” Educator • Author • Professional Speaker • Coach

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Dr. Shonta M. Smith is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Dr. Shonta Smith International. Her company is based out of St. Louis, Mo. Dr. Shonta Smith International provides services to professional corporations and institutions in the education field. The company's mission is to help provide schools and institutions with the highest quality education possible to our youth and to assist teachers, principals and other education professionals excel in their careers. Dr. Smith offers a number of services including professional development seminars, teacher mentoring program

Books and Products
  • The Secrets to Success

    Moving from Good, To Great, To Phenomenal shows students how to build and implement a blueprint, identify their goals, specific strategies they needuse to meet their goals and how to execute their will.

  • R.E.A.L. Talk 101

    Students share their story, develop their mission statement, vision, core values and learn the importance of a Realistic Approach, Realistic Expectations, Positive Attitude and Unconditional Love.

  • Cultural Competence

    This is the Norm to prepare students for the ever-changing global society we live in. It teaches students how to recognize microaggressions, unconscious bias, unintentional racism and why being culturally competent is key.

  • How Racist Are You

    This is a thought provoking experience. It makes every participant uncomfortable and empowers them to be the change they want to see. A transformational healing takes place as participants acknowledge their role in the systemic institution of racism, and work to develop a philosophical and practical mindset that supports diversity, equity and multicultural education.

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