Sharon Frame

Founder of LeadHERship™ Power, a Former CNN Anchor/Writer, Awarding-Winning Journalist, Dynamic Speaker, Executive Speaking Coach, Consultant, Author, Poet & Change Agent.

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Sharon is a Former CNN Anchor/Author/Trainer and Empowerment Speaker whose core mission is to help clients claim their “space” on the planet, re-frame their self-image and create the life they desire and deserve. She does that through her international travels as an Empowerment Speaker and with her “Focus and Follow Through” Power Focus Coaching. As a coach, Ms. Frame teaches clients how to take small, daily, deliberate, systematic steps to laser-focus and harness their energy to reach desired goals. Ms. Frame also cre

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Sharon Frame was the most outstanding speaker we’ve ever had here at Spelman College for our SWEPT program. She made it come alive. She was totally awesome. I would recommend her to anyone.- Tony Ireland, Spelman College

Sharon is an extremely engaging speaker who enlightened our students to the possibilities of what they can do. Her dynamic and compelling delivery makes people think and challenges them to climb higher in life. She is among the best motivational speakers out there.

- Dr. Jerome Greene, Southern University Chancellor

Today’s “Good, Better, Best” workshop with Sharon Frame on her LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise was amazing. Her Energy and enthusiasm will bring a new message of hope and possibility to fulfill your dream in life. I can see a ship full of people in the near future setting sail on an adventure called life.

- Robbie MacCue, Participant on 2013 LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise

Sharon’s speech got me charged up. It made me reassess that the only thing holding you back in life in accomplishing anything is yourself. It was very motivating.

- Atlanta / Women of Empowerment Luncheon

Over 75% of the evaluations from our Empowerment Luncheon mentioned Sharon Frame as the speaker that affected them in an impactful, life changing, and positive manner. Her charismatic manner and quick wit captured our audience. She has the natural ability to share wisdom and insight, while inspiring and empowering your spirit.

- Lynda Shorter, CEO, Voices Of Influence Speakers Bureau

Sharon has this way of reaching into your soul, grabbing the tiniest light of potential, and making it shine before your eyes, giving you a brand new perspective that your dreams are actually achievable. She has helped me to change my limited thinking.

- Priscilla Kamale, Money Systems, London, England

Sharon is hands down one of the most exceptional and effective communicators that I know. She knows how to engage an audience and she is engaging. She knows how to compel. She knows how to tell a story, call people to action.

- Kysa Daniels, Former CNN/HLN Anchor

Sharon’s enthusiasm is contagious!! She is a wonderful and awesome orator and facilitator. She immediately grabs your attention and engages you throughout the entire session.

- Greta Kelly, Recruitment Manager, Spelman College
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    LeadHERship! Own it! Love It! Learn It! Give It!

    Bring a Bigger Bucket! 3 steps to flood Your life with Purpose,Passion & Power
    Say That! Speak With Clarity, Confidence & Conviction

    Wired To Win! Plug In.Power Up Push Through to PErsonal Greatness!
    Getting You to Follow Through; Mastering the Inner Game

    Come As You Will Be in 2023! (Interactive Power "futuring" seminar)
    Mining Your Mind. Tappin into your internaal Success Mechanism

    Focus & Follow through: How to Get Things Done While Having Fun.

    Operation Wired to Win. How to Win the War On The Battle Field of Your Mind (for military personell)

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    eTV Show on the WIN Network
    “Focus and Follow Through: How to Get Things Done While Having Fun!"

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