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Financial Guru and Founder of Optimum Capital Management, LLC

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Mr. Mack has a life mission to build and develop a durable financial empire geared towards educating his community and beyond. Ryan Mack graduated from the University of Michigan Business School (ranked number one in the country) with a concentration in Finance. His career in equity markets began in Detroit, Michigan as a stock trader and later as a trader for the largest NASDAQ trading firm in the nation, Knight Securities. Having a passion for teaching he established his own financial awareness group in 2003 where he began to publish regular newsletters about various fina

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At 8 months pregnant, we were able to get our house sold and move into a newly built home that we love! Oh…and I might add that my husband lost his job due to layoffs after we accepted the offer on our home, found a new job that paid more so that the approval process on our new home was never hindered and our baby is here!….our blessing on top of many blessings!- KIMBERLY COLLINS-TRIPP, HOUSTON, TEXAS

We felt the effects of the Recession a few years before mainstream media would call it what it was. After purchasing two vehicles in 2003, and building a new home in 2004 we were comfortable (not living outside our means) until things changed drastically. With significant reduction in income and over $60K in debt we struggled to manage credit and utility payments. Together we made a faith decision for me to start my own design and project management company; the income was uncertain at best. Within 2 years, however, things began to shift, and we were able to eliminate all revolving debt, both vehicles payments, AND make significant home improvements. Our mortgage is our only remaining debt. When the economy was at its worst, we moved into our best position. We applied, faith, discipline, hard work, accountability and the principle of sowing and reaping – a failsafe combination.


Last year and this year I have received a 4% raise each year. I was shocked the second the year when I received the 4% again because of the recession. I am grateful and have plenty of gratitude. Praise God!!!


Exactly this time last year, I applied for the job I have now at a time when finding new employment is virtually impossible regardless of the economy. I claimed this job because it was everything I wanted, plus better benefits and $10K increase. What God has for you, is for you!


Yesterday, somehow, $20,000 of my student loan debt was listed at $0. Today I am putting the finishing touches on my business plan…the location is all picked out…and I am claiming it!!!!!


In the recession, many of my clients were laid off from work which affected my business. I immediately transferred my knowledge to the college arena and began teaching at a four-year college and a community college. In addition, I began to create opportunities for myself, by facilitating free self-esteem workshops for girls and their parents and made money by selling my books. I also began consulting those seeking to become authors and professional speakers.

In addition, I found, through talking to my clients, that there was a demand for my work during the summer months and from that, I created a successful 8-week self-esteem summer program for girls, in Queens, NY, which will be used as the model for the forthcoming summer programs for one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the nation. I do not participate in recessions, for when there is the talk of lack, by the masses, therein lies opportunity.


In the beginning of 2009, I was cut to part time employment. I chose not to let this get me down but looked at it as an opportunity to fulfill my dream. I was able to focus more attention on my organization, The Misunderstood Youth Development Center and providing the necessary programming to help our youth continue to make positive decisions.

In addition to that, my family and I were still able to take our FIRST family vacation in 15 years. One week of family fun in August 2009, we boarded the Carnival Victory and cruised our way to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and St. Kitts. With saving and very early preparation my employment cut back did not stop our trip.


This recession has been really hard on a lot of folks, but as for me I have been promoted 2x in 2 yrs. I shake my head and wonder how could this happen in such drastic times but it has and I’m grateful. I almost feel like if times were better I would not have been considered for promotion. Not everything nor everyone sinks during rough times… some things and people manage to float to the top.!!!

Praise God!!


I was working at Rutgers University in September 2008 when news of the plummeting stock market hit. However, I had had in the works plans to move to a new position as a public relations director in another unit at Rutgers. This was a step up with greater responsibility and increased pay. I had been angling for this job, patiently, for months, and in late October I had a successful interview.

I started the job Dec. 1, 2008 making 15 percent more than I had been. This has allowed me to save at a greater rate and pay off my student loans more quickly. (I currently save $600 a month minimum to a money market account.) Also, I was fortunate enough to have generous parents who gave me some money after a successful real estate investment, so I know that I always have at least six months salary on hand. Sometimes I feel bad that I have increased my career and financial picture at the same time that others have suffered, but I am always focused on my career trajectory and I believe that others should not let an economic downturn draw their focus away from what it is they really want to do in life.


I can proudly say my life took a turn for the better when I obtained my license as a Real Estate Agent April of 2009. Starting my new professional career has been a little slow because of the market. I can say that now business is starting to pick up I have one client and will get a land listing soon.

I currently live in Texas but I’m originally for Memphis, TN. Being in control of your own career has its benefits. I no longer have to deal with the ups and downs in the corporate world and can work and vacation when I choose. Hey, there are many mornings I wake up never having to dress out of my comfortable nighties!

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