Dr. Robert H. Miller

Dr. Robert H. Miller

College Professor, wrote award winning children's books for Simon & Schuster, Keynote Speaker for IRA (In'tl Reading Assc.) on Black Cowboys

    Dr. Robert H. Miller has written nine children's books for Simon & Schuster & Macmillan on the role of African Americans in settling the 'Old West'.

    The first four book series, “Reflections of a Black Cowboy” is written for fourth through eighth grade level; Book 1, Cowboys, Book 2, Buffalo Soldiers, Book 3, Pioneers and Book 4, Mountain Men.

    The second four book series for kindergarten through second grade is a picture book series entitled, “Stories From the Forgotten West”.

    The chapter book “A Pony for Jeremiah”, written for fourth grade reading and above rounds out the trilogy series about African Americans in the settling of the western frontier.

    Dallas Regional Council of International Reading Association

    National Association of Black School Educators

    New York State Reading Association

    City of Buffalo Board of Education

    Cultural & Heritage Commission: The Storytellers Series, Middlesex County, New Jersey

    Diop Conference, Philadelphia, PA

    Editorial & Creative Oversight, St. Louis Writer's Project, 1995, St. Louis, Missouri

    African American Literature, Willingboro Education Minority Involvement Association Committee, Willingboro, New Jersey

    American Book Sellers Awarded Reflections of a Black Cowboy, PICK of the LISTS, Book1, Cowboys, and Book 2 , Buffalo Soldiers,

    Written and Produced & Directed, When The Fires Still Burn; Off Off Broadway

    Written, Produced & Directed; The Companion Piece, Walnut Street Theatre,
    Philadelphia. PA, One Man Show, “Hello My Name Is Jimmy Baldwin…” work in progress.

    Story of Jeremiah, coming of age of an adolescent African American boy in the West. His adventures and near death experiences help define his character as he matures into an American cowboy. Have synopsis for other projects.

    Mandee, action adventure, urban thriller; single mom thrives to be the proper role model for young daughter, nearly looses her daughter’s and her life in the process. Have synopsis for other projects.

    Harvard University: Fellow 2007-09; W.E.B. Du Bois Institute of African American Research,

    Ph.D. African American Studies, Temple University: African American Literature & History; 2002.

    MA, African American Studies, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

    MS, Communications, University Of District Of Columbia

    BS, Urban Studies & City Planning, University of the District of Columbia

    Assistant Professor at Temple University, Department of Religion; Focus on Race, Christianity, Race & Poverty, Religion in Philadelphia, African American Religion; Christianity and the Blues, Racial Justice Under a Christian Paradigm.

    Created a graduate course; Analysis of African American Slave Religion in Shaping the Double Consciousness Syndrome of Post Harlem Renaissance Writers, Richard Wright and James Baldwin, Civil Religion: Slavery to Affirmative Action, Fellow; W.E.B. Du Bois Institute of African American Research, Harvard University.

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