Rashid Darden

A novelist who became a writing teacher; a believer in justice through philanthropy and service.

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Rashid Darden is a novelist. Rashid’s first three novels are a trilogy consisting of Lazarus (2005), Covenant (2011), and Epiphany (2012). Each novel was published by Old Gold Soul Press to critical acclaim. The novels told the collected stories of Adrian Collins, a gay college sophomore who pledges a predominately black fraternity; how he deals with the cycle of hazing; and how he navigates both family and romantic relationships. The books resonated deeply with many in the African American, LGBT, and fraternal communities, earning Rash

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I have had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Darden speak to our high schools students about important issues they face today or possibly in the future. He is an exceptional speaker with a natural ability to engage his audience and maintain their focus. He develops a connection with his audience and shares experiences that they were able to relate to based on the topic of discussion. His speaking engagement was enlightening, resourceful, and informative. I would definitely refer him to my colleagues or friends.- Nekada Lewis
  • K-12 Workshops

    • One, Two, or Three Day Writing Workshops (aligned with Common Core Standards)
    • Starting your own creative writing club or workshop
    • Any literature workshop listed above, customized for the age group

  • Non-profit Sector

    • From Philanthropy Chair to Nonprofit Executive
    • Know When to Fold 'em: When it’s time to close your nonprofit
    • This Isn’t About You: Good Reasons and Bad Reasons to Start a Non-profit
    • Through the Looking-Glass: Creating a senior staf that looks like those you serve

  • Fraternity/Sorority Life

    • Seven ways to accept your brother: A guideline for healing and reconciliation between gay and straight fraternity members
    • Black, Gay, and Greek: the history and issues of gays in BGLOs
    • Developing sisterhood/brotherhood in a modern world
    • Growing Pains: A survival guide for small Greek Letter Organizations
    • Hazing 101: What every parent should know
    • From Bully to Hazer
    • So you want to start a new fraternity
    • From Philanthropy Chair to Nonprofit Executive
    • The Life Cycle of the Volunteer: Avoiding Greek Burnout

  • Literature and Publishing

    • Vampires and Historical Memory
    • D'racula Unchained: Urban Paranormal Fiction as Revenge Fantasy
    • From Pay Phones to Cell Phones: When technology outpaces your novel
    • Parallel Lives, Invisible Lives: Homosexuality in Black Literature Since 1895
    • Doing it Yourself: The Self-Publishing Workshop

  • Workshop Topics

    • Looking for Bayard: Fighting institutional racism in the gay community
    • That Way: Homophobia in the black community
    • Black, Gay, and Greek: The history and issues of gays in Black Greek Lettered Organizations
    • Seven Ways to Accept Your Brother: A guideline for healing and reconciliation between gay and straight members of fraternities
    • Parallel Lives, Invisible Lives: Homosexuality in Black Literature Since 1895
    • The Challenge and Triumph of Independent Publishing
    • Hazing 101: What Every Parent Needs to Know
    • Developing Sisterhood/Brotherhood in the Modern World: A guide for small sororities and fraternities

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