Dr. Ramona L. Hyman

Dr. William Ferris, former director of the National Endowment for the Humanities, says “Hyman’s skills as an actor and writer are rare.” She is passionate; she inspires audiences to achieve, to contribute to life.

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Deeply rooted in the African American Civil Rights tradition, Dr. Ramona L. Hyman uses historical gems and lessons from the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 in a contemporary context to motivate, inspire, and teach. Dr. Hyman earned a B.A. from Temple University and her MA from Andrews University; she earned her PhD from the University of Alabama. Hyman serves as a professor of English at Oakwood. She has served as a professor at Alabama A & M and Loma Linda Universities. She has also served as a speaker for the Alabama Humanities Foundation and a poet in resident for the Alabama S

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Ramona Hyman’s work “is choral, a cry, a celebration.” It is “Telling, (both noun and verb) not only a saying of historical import, but testimony, a magnus opum of how it means to . . . Black American in the Deep South. ”It“. . . is a rite of passage for everyone, no matter their race or creed.”

Dr. Ramona Hyman’s poetry answers the questions of “who am I” for African Americans. Her people populate their blue black bravery with the turn of each page. “I am Black America” reminds us her words are powerful memories for us to walk with in the 21st century.

- Sonia Sanchez, Poet/Professor/Activist

Dr. Hyman was a joy to have on our campus. She was engaged with the students. She talked to them and not at them. The students really enjoyed her.

- Speaker Evaluation: University of Evansville
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