Dr. Rahmanda Salamatu Campbell

Dr. Rahmanda Salamatu Campbell

2014 Wells Fargo Community Connections Award Recipient: Founder/CEO of The Reading Clinic, Inc. Services include evidence-based diagnostic evaluations and educational therapy for children, adolescents and adults with reading and language disabilities.

  • Dr. Rahmanda Salamatu Campbell         
    Dr. Campbell is a native of Philadelphia. She cherishes quality time with her loving, supportive family and friends. Dr. Campbell is a twenty-year, active member of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church where she served for many years on the Ladies Usher Ministry and Spirit of David Praise Dance Ministry. Dr. Campbell is the CEO/Founder of The Reading Clinic, Inc. which provides diagnostic evaluations and educational therapy for children, adolescents and adults with attention deficits, weak learning skills and Dyslexia, the most common reading disability. Dr. Campbell is the 2014 Wells Fargo Community Connection Recipient for creating political and community awareness for Dyslexia and 2015 190th Legislative District Image Award Recipient, Women Working Together for Change.
    Dr. Campbell serves as a Supervisor for the College of Special Education at West Chester University. She has consulted, trained, and mentored educators on best teaching practices for diverse learners locally, regionally, and internationally. Dr. Campbell’s invaluable teaching experiences have afforded her the opportunity to teach and supervise in the areas of primary, intermediate, secondary, and post-secondary education. Dr. Campbell is humbled by her greatest learning experience with students, parents, administrators, and literacy experts during her doctoral research on “Reading Achievement: A Multiple Case Study Analysis of At-Risk Students.”
    Dr. Campbell’s most valued teaching experience involved teaching at-risk, inner-city youth in an alternative-intervention truancy-prevention program, implemented by former President, William Jefferson Clinton, which has been implemented in over 30 states across the United States. One of her greatest life experiences includes serving as the first female SGA President to serve two elected terms in the history of Delaware State University. This opportunity allowed Dr. Campbell to serve as a delegate in the historic and unprecedented gathering of leaders and policy makers in the First African-African American Summit, under the leadership of the late Reverend Dr. Leon H. Sullivan, convened in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. The mission of this on-going initiative is to enhance the development of education, economic literacy, healthcare, and industrialization in sub-Saharan Africa.
    Dr. Campbell is member of Kappa Delta Phi, International Honor Society for Education, International Women’s Leadership Association, International Dyslexia Association, International Reading Association, Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter, Social Action Committee, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Board Member/Co-Founder, Cleveland Street Community Center, Community Advisory Board, Tabor Children’s Services, Special Education Program Advisory Committee, West Chester University, Mentor for First-Year/Transfer Multicultural Students, West Chester University, Council for Exceptional Children, and National Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children. Dr. Campbell’s passionate initiatives support individuals with learning deficits, specifically Dyslexia, promote education, economic literacy and best interest factors for youth transitioning through the TPR process (Termination of Parental Rights).
    Dr. Campbell’s personal mantra: “Education is our passport to the future, for the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

  • • Dyslexia: Warning Signs for the Most Common Reading Disability

    • Dyslexia: Evidence-Based Practices for A Specific Reading Disability 

    • Early Intervention: Intervention Is Prevention 

    • Executive Functioning Deficits in Children and Adolescents: A Profound Effect On All Aspects of Learning

    • Best Practices for Urban Reading Instruction 

    • Instructional Needs for At-Risk Learners 

    • Meeting the Needs of Foster Children 

    • Academic Achievement: Developmental Effects of Trauma 

    • Strategic Reading Across Content Areas 

    • Gender Learning Differences 

    • Transitioning From High School to College 

    • College Success 101 

    • Strive to Thrive in College 

    • Effective Communication: What Type of Communicator Are You? 

    • Managing Differentiated Instruction 

    • Supporting English Language Learners 

    • Assessment to Inform Instruction 

    • Writing Across the Curriculum 

    • Strengthening the Family 

    • Generational Curses: Break the Cycle 

    • Resilience, Faith & Perseverance 

    • Let Your Light Shine: You Were Made In His Image 

    • Managing the Change Process 

  • The Reading Clinic is committed not just to helping our son study for the PSSA but, more importantly, the director and her staff are committed to helping my son understand how he learns and how to maximize his study skills. The service is commendable, flexible, and thorough.
    --- Mr. & Mrs. Thompson & Mom-Mom Thompson

    As a new, single mom, The Reading Clinic gave me a great deal of educational, even emotional and spiritual guidance for my newly adopted son. The director is extremely knowledgeable & nurturing.
    --- R. Maldonado

    My grandson really likes you. He said that you tested him to see how “Smart” he was; I was glad to hear that because I wanted him to see this as a positive experience.
    You are doing great work and I wish you all the best.
    --- SH

    I learned so much about Dyslexia by attending your seminar. I feel better equipped to advocate for my daughter. Thank you for being patient with all of my questions.
    --- F. De Luca

    We are so grateful we found you. I felt so lost trying to figure out what was wrong with my son. Thank you for your patience and being a great listener as I vented and cried about all of the years and money that have been spent trying to figure out what was wrong. The fact that you attended the IEP meeting for my son is just one more reason why you are such a blessing to me and my family! We appreciate you and all of the time that you have invested in my son.
    --- The Abdur-Ali Family

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