Patrick S. Muhammad

Patrick S. Muhammad

Educating from the Inside Out

  • Patrick S. Muhammad, was born and raised in East St. Louis, IL, in June of 1975 to Robert W. Smoot, Jr. and M. Catherine Smoot. Patrick’s siblings, Deidra Denise Smoot- Green and Robyn Kaye Smoot (1999), all excelled in academics and athletics. The inner city entrepreneurial version of the “Cosby” family, their two parent home was a centerpiece of the block and a gathering place for the children.

    The upbringing in E. St. Louis also known and “East Boogie” is where Patrick attributes his tenacity and wherewithal. In elementary school, Patrick made his mark on the city during a routine science project through a balloon release at Dunbar Elementary. His balloon, filled with a card only addressed with his first name and the school mailing address traveled from Tudor Avenue to Ontario, Canada, landing his story in the cities only newspaper, The East. St. Louis Monitor.

    Excelling in sports, Patrick was an early standout baseball player at the historical Jackie Robinson Khoury League. His ability to cover the field as a speedy shortstop and switch-hitting bunter phenomena lead him all the way to Lincoln High School Varsity team. However, it was at Lincoln, that his talents as a ferocious point guard and smart floor general overshadowed his early sport success in baseball. Under the tutelage of legendary coach Bennie Lewis, Patrick’s basketball talents landed him a scholarship to Kentucky State University and a ticket out of East Boogie. This 1993 Homecoming King, Student Athlete of the Year, and Most Likely to Succeed kid from Vogel Place was stepping out with a city on his back and a focus on a new horizon.

    Kentucky State University nestled in the little town of Frankfort became the ideal place for Patrick to tap into his inner spirit and actualize his budding potentials. He stood out early on campus through his Midwest speech and the respected notoriety of his upbringing in East Boogie. On the basketball court, it was the same. Five games into his freshman season, the senior point guard and the coach’s feud led to the senior leaving the team in the middle of a game. Down the bench, Coach William Byrd Graham placed his trust in his little floor general, best known as, “Smoooooooooot.” From that night to his senior year, Patrick led the Thoroughbreds as the starting point guard. Finishing his basketball career as the assist leader and the William Exum Student of the year, number (4) left his mark on the KSU campus. However, it was off the court that Patrick was transforming as a man.

    Sitting in Integrated Studies (IGS) class, a gifted wordsmith named Dr. Patricia Muhammad, confounded Patrick through her knowledge of history and world affairs. Her class caused Patrick to spend all his hours off the court burning the midnight oil studying and searching the libraries for the source of the information Dr. Patricia eloquently delivered. This quest and thirst for more knowledge led to the newly elected Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. President to convince his fraternity brothers to hop on a bus and attend the historical (1995) Million Man March. It was on that day the lifelong athlete transformed into the lifelong scholar.

    Upon graduation from Kentucky State University in May 1997, the East Boogie native, loaded up his truck at headed to Atlanta, GA to further his quest for knowledge. With only his sister Robyn for family in Atlanta, Patrick quickly made a name for himself on the speaking circuit. From churches, mosques, recreation centers, and schools, the floor general was controlling audiences not with his passing of the ball but his parsing of words.

    In 1998, while in search of part time work, his career choice was cemented. An offering to teach school by Dr. Percy Mack placed him in a Decatur, GA school. The same tenacity he applied to the field, court and his studies, propelled him to quickly rise in the field of education. In the fall of 2001, with his Master’s in Education Leadership from Georgia State University (GSU) behind him, Patrick began his administrative career as an Assistant Principal. In (2004) he completed his Educational Specialist in Educational leadership from GSU. Nine years later (2010) he moved into the Principalship where he currently serves and is a PhD. Candidate at Capella University in Curriculum and instruction.

    Over the past fifteen years, Patrick has evolved into a noted educational leader, lecturer and scholar. As a lone proponent of single-gender classes in public schools, his students have excelled above the national averages. It is during this same time he honed his skills as a noted author and publisher.

    Under his parent company, PSM Enterprises, he has developed RATHSI Publishing, Black Books Warehouse, Father-Nonymous and a non-profit Reaching Back 4U. To date Patrick has written five books, Little Librarian Girl, Wear My Shoes Please, Mom Where’s My Dad, Confessions of a 1st Year Principal, and Confessions of a Black Male. He is set to release two more books in the first quarter of 2013. Additionally, through his publishing company, RATHSI Publishing, LLC, over 200 authors are now in print.

    Now as a highly sought after professional speaker, Patrick travels the country telling his story and sharing his vision. With East Boogie still on his back, he has dedicated his life to inspiring all that he can touch with his motto, “Remember, the only way to achieve success, is to reach back and take someone with you!”

    Patrick is married to Ishtar Muhammad and the proud father of one daughter, Ishlah, and two sons, Ishijah and Ishstafah. They currently reside outside of Atlanta, GA.

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