Dr. Patricia Pickles

Dr. Pickles is an educational expert who specializes in improving students' performance and creating schools of excellence.

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Dr. Patricia is one of America’s most recognized names synonymous with improving students’ performance and closing achievement gaps. Dr. Patricia has demonstrated her in-depth expertise while serving as a teacher, adjunct professor, principal, superintendent of schools, senior director for the state department of education, and as a consultant.Dr. Patricia knows what it takes to dissolve low performing schools and create schools of excellence; she is nationally known for generating results. She has experienced roller-coaster battles while trying to keep the American Dream

Dr. Patricia Pickles opened the school year for the Beaumont Independent School District with a big bang in August of 2012. She captivated an audience of over 1,500 attendees with her expertise and passion for educating all of our students. Dr. Pickles shared strategies that could be utilized by all of us: leaders, teachers and paraprofessionals. She quickly dissolved the blame game and pointing of fingers and helped us focus on the concept that it truly takes a village to achieve outstanding results. Individually and collectively, a spirit of emotion moved throughout the audience. After her dynamic opening speech, the four breakout sessions that followed were overflowing with enthusiasm and eager participants. Dr. Pickles came and delivered exactly what the Beaumont Independent School District needed.
    1. At Risk Youth
    2. Commencement
    3. Community Activism
    4. Diversity
    5. Education
    6. Leadership
    7. Self-Esteem
    8. Womens Empowerment

    Dr. Patricia has spoken to groups from United Way to Boy Scouts of America, from Girl Scouts of America to Young Women Christian Association, from the Chamber of Commerce to the Rotary Club, and from the National Alliance of Black School Educators to the US Congress.

    She has spoken to districts across the country and for national organizations such as the American Association of School Administrators, the National Association of School Boards, the Association of Bilingual Education, and McDougall Littel Leadership Conference.

    She has been an expert speaker at the College of Lake County, Barat, and Benedict Colleges, and Oxford, Fordham, and Texas Christian Universities. She has spoken to everyone from veterans to faith-based groups. Dr. Patricia has spoken to business groups, such as Abbott Laboratories and Texas Association of Partners in education.

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