Dr. Pamela C.V. Jolly

Thought Leader, Author, Business Strategist who connects the dots of faith, finance, black history, and American legacy.

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Dr. Pamela Jolly is an established professional with 20 years experience in the areas financial services, strategic management, change management, marketing research and community and economic development. She integrates both her corporate and entrepreneurial experiences to establish a solid understanding of how to bridge the enterprising interests of large corporations and government with minority business enterprises (MBE’s). Pamela has developed a unique way of negotiating with both sides of investment table to merge shared interests

Books and Products
  • Exploring Black History from a Legacy Wealth Perspective

    It takes three generations to build legacy wealth and only one generation to lose it. This presentation will explore the business perspective of several African Americans across generations detailing how their legacies contributed to the expansion of the American Promise of wealth creation to all people. Participants will go on a journey of history and finance to discover what happens when legacy and wealth are pursued over time and ways in which you can continue this aspect of our American Legacy to impact yourself and your community.

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