Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute

Dr. Njwen is passionate about Health and Wellness; Nutrition and Chronic Disease Prevention; Cancer Education; Career Development; and Empowerment of the Girl Child.

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Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute, Ph.D. is passionate about health and wellness, with a focus on nutrition and chronic disease prevention. She is a Certified Health Promotion Instructor with the American Cancer Society (ACS), with specific interest in cancer education and prevention. She is also passionate about science, education, career development, and the empowerment of women, young minds and the girl child. Dr. Anyangwe-Ngute is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Howard University. She has over 17 years of higher education experience teaching biochemis

Thank you for your EXCELLENT keynote address “Reducing your Risk for Chronic Diseases through Lifestyle Changes: Cancer as a Case Study” at the Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness Conference held on Saturday, September 28, 2013. I greatly appreciated your thoughtful and well-prepared remarks; you not only met my expectations, you exceeded them! Thank you for caring enough to prepare great facts and statistics, and to share your stories. Your thoroughness and thoughtfulness resulted in an outstanding presentation. The participants loved your presentation and look forward to hearing you again in the future.- Phyllis Slade Martin, Owner, Slade&Associates, LLC

Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute,
Review Toxicologist,
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition,
Food and Drug Administration.

Presenter: 7/24/2010; 7/09/2011; 7/21/2012; 7/20/2013; 7/19/2014
Event: Agape Life Ministries Annual Health Fair

Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute has helped the Agape Life Ministries Annual Health Fair grow amazingly over the past 4 years. The first presentation she did for us was in 2010; and she has presented at least two sessions at every fair we have had since then.

Dr. Njwen’s presentations focused on Cancer Education / Awareness (Breast, Prostate, Colorectal Cancers). Her presentations are highly detailed and informative. She is able to capture the attention of her audience and engage them in interactive sessions.

Group Training: With the support of Rev. Dr. Adrien Ngudiankama, Faith-Based Partnerships Project Manager of American Cancer Society, Dr. Njwen organized and invited The Agape Life Health Committee members to attend a 3-hour Train-the-Trainer session which focused on risks, signs and symptoms, screening and prevention of breast, colon, and prostrate cancers. 13 of us went through the training and are currently certified to be a resource for the church, our families and loved ones, and the community at large.

- Julia Addae, Mintah - On behalf of Health Ministry Coordinators, Agape Life Ministries

Dr. Njwen Anyangwe was an invited lecturer (keynote speaker) in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Wayne State University on October 11, 2013. Her first seminar topic was titled “Food additives, dietary supplements, food contact substances: the role of US FDA in regulation and safety assessment”.

She talked in detail about the various regulatory processes of the FDA and how food and dietary ingredients are evaluated for their safety. The talk was very enlightening and provided good insight into the FDA’s regulatory and safety assessment processes. Her next talk on the same day, titled “Skill Sets for Graduate Science Students to Develop to Succeed in Careers in the US FDA and Consulting” was very interactive, enlightening, and invaluable to every Nutrition and Food Science graduate student aspiring careers in these areas.

She is an eloquent speaker and an excellent presenter. She relayed her points across to the audience smoothly and effectively. She has the personality to easily grasp the audience’s attention and keep it throughout the talk. Dr. Njwen Anyangwe’s presentation was very motivating and inspiring and left a very deep impact with all the students at the Department of Nutrition and Food Science.

- Dr. Archana Unnikrishnan, Wayne State University - Seminar: October 11th, 2013

I run a cancer advocacy non-profit where Dr. Anyangwe-Ngute volunteers as a motivational speaker and cancer educator. I have also had the privilege of attending events where she was the keynote speaker.

She has a passion for empowering people. She gave a talk in a Cancer Awareness Symposium organized by the All-Cameroon Cultural Development Foundation on April 27, 2013. Her topic was “Challenges facing African Immigrants in the United States diagnosed with cancer, and where to get help.” Her talks not only educate but inspire, entertain and motivate the audience. No one is the same after listening to Dr. Anyangwe-Ngute.

- Stella, Maris Adamu, President, The Michael & Mauritia Patcha Foundation

Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute is a Certified Health Promotion Instructor with the American Cancer Society (ACS). She successfully completed the American Cancer Society’s Breast, Colon, and Prostate Cancer Volunteer Speaker Training on January 30, 2010. She has been a resource for the ACS, where she conducted several 3-hour training sessions on breast, prostate and colorectal cancers for new ACS health promotion speakers.

Dr. Anyangwe-Ngute has participated in Faith-based programs through the American Cancer Society. She has helped the Agape Life Ministries Annual Health Fair grow over the past 4 years, where she has presented at least two sessions on cancer education at every health fair in the last 4 years. She has also presented on breast cancer awareness at Wesleyan church, DHHS Office of the Commissioned Corp, VEMCO launching, and was moderator at Salem Baptist church faith breakfast. She was a member of the speakers committee of the 2011 ACS African- American Men’s Health Conference and was also a moderator during the health conference. She has also trained new volunteers on breast cancer awareness in the African Educare Mission Group.

Dr. Anyangwe-Ngute is quite knowledgeable about the subject matter and she is always well prepared and thorough. Her presentations are very informative and can be understood by both the scientific and non-scientific audience. She is an eloquent speaker and engages her audience in the discussions. Her presentations are always very motivating and inspiring.

I highly recommend Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute to anyone who is seeking a knowledgeable, eloquent, motivating and well-prepared Health and Wellness Speaker at their event.

- Rev. Dr. Adrien Ngudiankama, MPhil., PhD , Baptist Chaplain at American University, President and Founder, African Educare Mission Group (AEMG), Former Program Manager, Fait Based Programs, American Cancer Society.
I was looking forward to the keynote address by Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute at the 16th Annual ExSSA-USA Convention Gala on Saturday August 5, 2017 in Framingham Massachusetts. Little did I know about how powerful a speaker she is. Her speech was beautifully delivered with visuals, it was engaging, energetic, relevant and compelling. In a hall filled with alumni and their spouses, friends and children, she hit every cord to bring the message on how important it is to empower the girl child. One could hear a pin drop as the audience listened intently. Her presentation put into clearer focus the main mission of our beloved association. I am totally sold.Angeline Asobo, Member of ExSSA-USA New York/New Jersey Chapter
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