Nika Beamon

Nika Beamon

Television Producer, Writer, Esteemed Journalist and Author.

  • Nika C. Beamon         

    Nika is a veteran television journalist working in New York. She published her first memoir: Misdiagnosed: The Search for Dr. House in 2014. Misdiagnosed is the tale of her 17 year quest to find the correct medical diagnosis and treatment for a rare autoimmune disorder. It also provides tips to help readers avoid the same fate.

    Beamon has begun writing a series of articles in the Huffington Post teaching others how to be their own health advocate.  She believes that health is the true key to success.  To that end, she focuses on teaching people how to be their own health advocates, how to care for their body and mind, as well as preparing their family and friends to be caregivers.  She uses her experiences as a sick, single woman to show others how they can still live independent and full lives.

    Beamon is also the author of the well-received non-fiction book, I Didn’t Work This Hard Just to Get Married (Chicago Review Press, 2009), which explores the challenges and issues affecting single women.

    She has been a reviewer for Publisher's Weekly Magazine and QBR: The Quarterly Black Book Review Magazine, as well as various websites.

    Beamon was honored for her work in the field of journalism by NYABJ and the Cush Campus schools. Additionally, she won a Peabody award for her role in ABC News’ coverage of the 9/11 attacks.
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  • • Coping with chronic illness
    • Surviving sick and single
    • Embracing your independent spirit
    • Fighting for the best health care.

  • Your speech was crucial, inspirational and the reason why the event was such a success. Your story is real and easy to relate to. Your comfort when talking about your personal health struggles is just what we need to hear in our community in order to educate and hopefully save the lives of many, that refuse to go to the doctor. I honestly enjoyed your ease, passion and natural poise, it was captivating.
    --- Rocio Garcia M.S. Ed, Community Coordinator, Brightside Academy

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