Nichole Taylor Compton

Attorney, Author, Radio Personality, Reality Court TV Show Host, Legal Analyst and Business Consultant.

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Nichole Compton, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, is the eldest of 8 children born to Bonnie and Charles Taylor. Her humble beginnings are the cornerstone for her positive attitude and her position as a pillar in her community. Nichole graduated in the top percentile of her class in high school, despite becoming pregnant at the age of 15 and a mother at 16. She went on to get a Bachelor of Science, her Master of Business Administration focusing on Entrepreneurship and her Juris Doctorate degree. Immediately after law school, Nichole began practicing and is the managing att

  • Possible Topics

    • Law
    • Business
    • Inspirational-Overcoming Challenges, Negative Statistics, and Inevitable Obstacles
    • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
    • Teen Parents and How to Parent Them
    • Personal Development and Life Skills
    • Success Strategies for Life, Business and Education
    • Career Planning (including interviewing skills and resume writing)
    • Leadership: Having What It Takes
    • Tips for Educational Success (for the parents and/or child)
    • Motivational-Being the Best YOU
    • Entrepreneurship 101: Creativity Goes a Long Way, How to “Ball on a Budget”
    • Top 10 Legal Facts Every Young Adult Should Know
    • How to Protect Yourself from Date Rape

    National Women’s History Month
    Annual Law Day

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