Naretha Hopson

Character and Leadership Development via Etiquette and Social Graces.

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Naretha is the Founder and Executive Director of Ever-Appropriate Etiquette Institute (EAEI), which educates youth and professionals in Leadership, Dining Etiquette, Business Etiquette, and Impression Management, The Art of Networking and Personal/Professional Branding (which includes social media etiquette and “netiquette”). Ms. Hopson empowers with her dynamic, interactive, and contemporary brand of professional soft skills refinement and character development. Naretha is a certified affiliate of the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals. Ms

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Naretha was hired by Saint Louis University’s Black Alumni Association to make a presentation on dining and social media etiquette to the undergraduate Black Student Alliance. Her presentation achieved the perfect balance between appropriateness, poise, confidence, pragmatism, and humor. The students were able to relate to her because she coupled the rules with realistic examples for application and encouraged questions. Additionally, although the alumni in the room had been to etiquette workshops before this one, we learned some new things too.- S. Hamilton

Extremely educating and empowering session. I learned many things about the business culture and atmosphere. As an accounting major, I really appreciated the information.

- T.A. Miss Junior, Bethune Cookman University

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    • The Art of Networking
    • Personal and Professional Branding
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    • Business Etiquette
    • Impression Management

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