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I work with young professionals of color looking to have more impact at work and life.I’m a speaker, certified life coach and author who creates and works on projects designed to empower people.Mylatest project is called, “No More Reasonable Doubt," which is all about creating support structures and exposure for your professionals of color. My podcast by the same name features professionals of color sharing their journey to enlighten others and provide a, "oh snap, I didn't even know that was possible and possible for someone who looks like me."I have spoken at

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Michael kicked off the inaugural session partnership between SXSW and Blacks in Technology during the 2013 SXSWi conference. His session, entitled “The New Art of Networking” was so phenomenal that we rearranged the 2 day session schedule to have him come back and do an encore session! He was engaging and very knowledgeable about his subject matter. He was well prepared and his presentation was focused on the needs of his target audience. We look forward to partnering with Michael for 2014!- Tammy Benton, 2013 SXSWi/BiT Session Czar
The Consortium on High Achievement and Success hired Michael to facilitate a session on networking for our Black and Latino Males Conference.
Mr. Bruny not only made networking a “thing” for students, he made it fun by removing the stiff stigma attached to it. He also used hip-hop lyrics to discuss personal branding. One of the most innovative presentations I’ve ever seen. The students enjoyed that Mr. Bruny encouraged them to remain true to who they are.

    • No More Reasonable Doubt: Focused on empowering young professionals of color to have more impact at work and in life. Especially targeted to those working in Tech and looking to increase diversity.
    • Brand Inside a Brand: How to have more impact, more connections and more opportunities at work by building your personal brand.
    • The New Art of Conference Networking (Hashtags to Handshakes): The pillars needed to build and maintain powerful relationships at conferences. I should you how to leverage online tools to make connections before you step foot at the conference.
    • 7 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life: Using inspirational lyrics, Mike creates original affirmations that tell you a story and provide you with moves you can make in your personal and business life.

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