Michael Bullock

An Energetic African-American Speaker with Vision

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Cultural Diversity Lecturer • Motivational Speaker • Historical Investigative Reporter Michael is one of the most energetic, insightful and innovative public speakers of his generation. Mr. Bullock is rising to international prominence by delivering a highly positive message which tells people about African and African American History. Michael has been lecturing on African history for over 20 years. From his days as an undergraduate student at Hampton University, through his journey as an officer in the United States Navy and leading up to his graduation from t

  • • African History
    • Black Women in History
    • Blacks in World Military History
    • The Origins of Freemasonry
    • Blacks and the American Legal System

  • Lecture Topics

    • From the Pyramids to the Presidency - A historical perspective of Blacks in power
    • What Mean These Stones? - Reflections from my first trip to Egypt
    • “In Search of Black History – Portrait of the Eternal People” - Black History from a world perspective
    • The Black Woman - The original First Lady, a tribute to Black women throughout history
    • Brothers in Arms and Their Mighty Sister Soldiers - the untold story of blacks in world military history
    • An African Centered Analysis of Washington, DC - A trip to the nation’s capitol you will never forget
    • Re-establishing a Positive Image of African people
    • The Black Holocaust – Honoring our ancestors and reflecting on the psychological trauma of the Slave Trade
    • The African Origin of Freemasonry
    • A Brother in Law - A Black Mans Guide to the Legal System

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