Me’Shae Brooks Rolling

Author and Financial Literacy Educator

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Me’Shae is the Founder and President of Just The Basics Financial Literacy, a division of Rolling Enterprises, Inc. Just The Basics produces workshops, seminars, tele-conferences and webinars centered on financial literacy education.As a professional event planner working and residing in New York City, Ms. Brooks-Rolling became concerned over society’s general absence of fundamental financial education. Her deep empathy for those affected most by this problem led her to authoring a book titled “How To Save Money & Organize Your Finances: Tales of an

  • • My relationship with money: Historical, Social, Behavioral and Cultural Framework
    • How can I achieve work/life balance with so many responsibilities to juggle?
    • Time-Electronic-Paper-Spatial Organization: How can I reduce clutter and increase efficiency?
    • How do I capture my expenses in order to create a Budget and Spending Plan?
    • How can I save more, spend less, and build my asset base?
    • What are credit card debt management and elimination strategies that I can implement?
    • Credit Reports, Credit Scoring and Credit Repair. What do I need to do right now as a renter in order to prepare for homeownership?
    • How can I protect myself from America’s fastest-growing crime--Identity and Cyber-Theft—while protecting my privacy in this digital age?
    • How can I purchase a vehicle without being taken for a ride?
    • What resources are available to aid me with excessive debt?

    Resources Extravaganza Across-the-Board!
    • What do the wealthy know and do that I don’t? How do I build my Financial Team to aid in Asset Growth, Management & Protection?
    • How can I engage in Individual and Community Philanthropy?
    • Owning My Own: Turning My Passion into Profit and Monetizing what I’m already doing—How in the world do I get started in small business entrepreneurship?
    • How can I seek alignment with the right job for me? (This includes learning how to negotiate)
    • How Do I Publish, Market and Sell My Self-Published Book?

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