Melody Jones

“What started out as one mile became a life-long journey. Don’t be afraid to travel that mile!”

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When asked, "Who is Melody," some would say a humanitarian. Other might say she is the voice fof the voiceless. But if you ask her, she will tell you she is just someone who started on a journey that began as one mile, unsure at times where she was headed, but was not afraid of where the journey would lead her.Armed with tenacity and an unwavering will in making a difference, Melody founded Reaching the Youth of America, Inc. that offered emergency and temporary shelter for homeless and runaway teen mothers and their children. After 20 years of advocating for this at-r

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I am very proud of what you are doing and your work and dedication behind the cause. Please keep up the good work and keep me informed. I am happy to participate.- Lisa Ascolese, Product Distributor for QVC HSN, Home Shopping Networks and CEO InventingAtoZ
I just wanted to commend you on your amazing effort to organize such an event! My team at are just getting started. We sincerely appreciate you providing a stage for us to showcase a sneak- peek of how we intend to help scale service providers’ measurable impacts and also providing necessary insights for investors to identify mission-matching investment opportunities in a much less confusing way. Melody, thank you for linking us up with potential advisors and early stage investors; I will keep you up to date. You inspire us and we certainly look forward to being a part at a later date.
- Russell Dudek and Damon Weiss, Founder & C, -Founder, Social Sunburst

  • • Crowdfunding Social Impact Investments that achieve Social Outcomes most meaningful to Your Organization/Company
    • Motivational Speaking and Making it Through Difficult Times
    • Moving Beyond the Traditional Methods of Fundraising
    • Positioning Your Organization for Investments
    • Preparing the Next Generation to Social Enterprise as a Means of Serving their Communities While Generating Wealth
    • Social Enterprise and Social Impact Bonds: Moving Toward The Market: Nonprofit Enterprise
    • Social Innovative Business Development and the Emergence of the L3C
    • Seeding Grass-root Efforts
    • Strategies in Leveraging Resources
    • Social Enterprise and Scaling Deep in Communities
    • Social Innovative Ventures

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