Dr. Leslie Grace

Educator, Mogul, Social Entrepreneur, Innovator, Author, Philanthropist and Community Activist who empowers and inspires children, families and their communities. The Call to Action is to implement Economics, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment.

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Dr. Leslie Grace is becoming a leading expert in the area of increasing the financial capabilities of Young America, their Families and community through her organization “Elements of the Community”, which provides educational, media relations, financial literacy and entrepreneurship programming for communities. She has taught hundreds of children and adults how to open their own businesses and manage their finances. She is a doctoral candidate whose dissertation concentrated on the benefits and barriers associated with implementi

Never had a chance to say, “thank you!” 12 years ago, I was at my lowest point in life, lack of ambition and desire for my life. At that time, we had not seen each other in a while, but you sparked something in me to dream again and walk into my destiny. You said you didn’t know any man that was not successful. I know you help a lot of people, but I truly thank you from the heart. I really consider you as a friend.--- Mr. R.O Jones

My life has changed through Money Management for Families. A year ago, I attended your sessions and now I have a new house and about to get married.

--- Ms. Sampson

  • Other Topics

    • Money Management for Families
    • Mathematics of Money which is known as "Money Matters"
    • How to increase financial capabilities of young America and their families
    • Strategies to open a business/ startups (children & adults)
    • Igniting the power within
    • There is no "I" in TEAM (Team Building)
    • Strategies to resolve conflict (children & Adults)
    • From a follower to a leader (leadership for children & adults)
    • Steps to prepare for college
    • How to prepare for the next stage in life (goal setting)
    • "There can be no progress without struggle"
    • How to tap into your GREATNESS
    • Strategies to walk away from your Job and Become Entrepreneur

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