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Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), Past President of the National Speakers Association, and Current President of the Global Speakers Association.

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Diversity and Inclusion is a full-time focus, not just one topic among many for Lenora Billings-Harris. Whether through keynotes, workshops, or organizational consulting, Lenora partners with clients to help them build effective relationships that leverage diversity in order to increase inclusion, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and bottom-line results. Billings-Harris is a recognized authority. She has been included as one of 100 Global Thought Lenora-Billings-Harris_P3-300x300Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion by The Society of H

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You were an absolute joy and pleasure to have here. At one point during last night’s presentation, when someone from the audience came up with an off-the-wall comment, you handled it so well that I turned to Andy and said “that’s a true professional; she’s better than a stand-up comedian dealing with a heckler”, and I meant it.– Robert Masood, President, PMI-Rhode Island

Presentation style, dynamic personality, and diversity expertise made every moment of this customized program phenomenal.

– Sue Krupa, Terry Ahearn and Kevin Chapman, AT&T

Thank you so much for giving your time, your story and your presence to our Annual Federation Membership Meeting held on June 12th. For all of those individuals present, we felt as though you were speaking directly to us; that you were with us as soul mates from the beginning word until the last. So many of us were drawn in by your stories of South Africa, of Nelson Mandela, of the State Department Group from Israel which came to Greensboro and of your return visit just a few months ago.

I heard many of our membership suggest that it was as if you were sitting in our living room having a very intimate conversation with us. So much so that we wanted to be wearing a pair of your bangle bracelets and hugging you to comfort you.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us. We look forward to the next time!


– Greensboro Jewish Federation

So timely and applicable to our delegates.

– Heather Matthews, Meeting and Education Coordinator, American Bus Association

Thank you so much. They absolutely loved the class. Several students came up to me afterwards to thank me for organizing it. They have felt the influence of diversity from day one and didn’t quite know what to do with it. Although I’ve had them in small groups almost every class – they said they had learned something about their fellow class mates. When I left (the room), small pockets of students were standing around talking. You were a major hit! I’m going to hope you’re willing to find a spot every fall.

Again, kudos to you and the work you do.

– Ronnie S. Grabon, Professor of Practice – UNCG Bryan School of Business and Economics

Your warmth and humor engendered a comfort level that allowed class members to share openly with each other.

– Becky Pfaff, Winston Salem Leadership Program

The faculty and staff of Pendergast School District were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the diversity workshop you gave during orientation week.

– Jody Lenenweaver, Director of Human Resources, Pendergast School

Employees still talk about the presentation and use your examples when confronting each other (using your S.T.O.P. technique).

– Ed Hanigan, Director HR, Alcohol and Drug Services

Your motivational self-empowering skills and enthusiasm is still being felt by many of the program attendees, including our staff.

– Berlinda Williams-Strong, City of Memphis HR

Your ability to bring various themes into the motivational speech impressed me and our program committee. We especially liked the tangible objects you gave to each audience member, symbolizing the topic and message you delivered. Who will ever forget the marbles!

– Nancy Washburn, Coordinator & Trainer Arizona Department of Economic Security

I had the honor to meet and hear you here in Israel in the EEOC conference and in a smaller focused group. Hearing you, it is easy to “believe you” that “In the midst of impossibilities, possibilities exist”. We all think our environment and challenges are unique but I trust you it is similar to others and best practices and mainly the belief that the great results are possible can be shared.

I think we still have a long journey, yet it has been started!

Will keep your inspiration to support me along my way!

– EEOC Conference- Israel
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    Whether through keynotes, workshops, or train-the-trainer sessions, Lenora Billings-Harris draws on her experience and research to deliver thought provoking presentations that provide actionable results for your audience. Her expertise includes having served or recognized as:
    • Author
    • University award winning diversity researcher
    • Internationally recognized professional speaker
    • president of a non-profit conflict resolution training organization
    • Division human resources director for a Fortune 500 corporation
    • President of the National Speakers Association
    • A pioneering thought leader in diversity and inclusion featured in DiversityInc Magazine, Diversity Women Magazine and others

    All presentations are tailored to the client’s needs. Each can be presented as a:
    • Keynote
    • Breakout session
    • ½ day workshop
    • Fully customized day-long workshop

    • Turning Barriers into Bridges: Reversing the Impact of Unconscious Bias on Talent Management
    • S.T.O.P. – How to Diminish Cultural Collisions with Effective Feedback
    • 5 Secrets Revealed
    • Reaching The Multicultural Market Billings-Harris
    • Unconscious Bias: The Wizard of OZ Perspective
    • From Adversaries to Allies: 7 Keys to High Performance Cross-Gender Communication
    • Zap the Gap: Secrets to Accelerating Generational Harmony
    • Beyond Diversity Rhetoric: Cultural Intelligence for Our Global Village
    • Maximize the Power of Inclusion and Engagement by Uncovering the Impact of Unconscious Bias

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