Lawrence Watkins

Founder of Great Black Speakers Bureau, and Leading Entrepreneurship & Personal Achievement Expert

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Lawrence is one of America’s leading entrepreneurship and personal achievement experts. His journey has taken him from an ultra-underachiever in high school to a graduate of an Ivy League business school as well as the Owner of Great Black Speakers, Great Pro Speakers, and Co-Founder of Watkins Media Group.Lawrence was born and raised in Louisville, KY to a police officer father and a mother who was a counselor for pregnant tee

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Lawrence Watkins was OUTSTANDING! Spoke from the heart. Gave the audience some great points and shared his experience from the business world. They were raving about him and I want to thank him for all that he has done for the Rutgers campus community.- Clifford Dawkins, President of Council of Black Graduates at Rutgers University

Lawrence talk is definitely something that interested me. How Lawrence came from humble beginnings to become a successful entrepreneur is really interesting. He is also very likable, funny, and definitely an engaging speaker.

- Kyle, Graduate Student at Rutgers University

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