Lauren Maillian

Lauren is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Startup Investor and Advisor, Best-Selling Author of The Path Redefined and TV Personality. Her multifaceted career spans industries and defies the norm!

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Lauren Maillian is a former model turned serial entrepreneur; she is the Founder and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing and advisory company, is a Founding Partner at Gen Y Capital Partners, an early stage venture firm focused on investments in mobile and consumer facing technology enabled companies and is the author of the instant bestselling business memoir, The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms. Most recently, Lauren has brought her trademark personality and passion for entrepreneurship to television as co-star of t

Books and Products
  • That Path Redefined:

    Lauren presents her essential principles to defining, and attaining, success on ‘your own terms.’ In her new book, The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms, Lauren shares the lessons and tactics that rocketed her to the top of three completely different fields—all before she reached the age of 30. Using her extensive experience as a successful business owner, venture capitalist, and startup advisor, Lauren explains in easy-tounderstand terms how to reinvent yourself and plan for success, all while embracing failure by learning from your mistakes. These indispensable tools will help you maximize your full potential without compromising who you truly are.

  • Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms

    Similar to above but showing people how to define and attain success on their own terms amidst the insatiability of modern society. In this talk, Lauren gives you the insight and encouragement to: identify and pursue your true passions; achieve your professional goals, create a career based on the evolution of your interest, and find success.

  • Is It Worth It Even If I Fail

    In this keynote speech, Lauren talks about how to hone a decision calculus that allows you to clearly and consistently evaluate opportunities for growth and help you shift your mindset around taking wing risks and the unknown. Some key areas of this talk are:

    • Embrace fear as growth
    • Be true to yourself
    • Realize your value and identifying your strengths
    • The power of transparency in building integrity
    • Be more hungry to succeed than thirsty for attention
    • Making your success matter and building something meaningful every day

  • Evolve, Market and Protect Your Brand

    In this talk Lauren shares her journey from internationally recognized and award-winning winery owner, to marketer, to technology startup advisor and investor, to author and shows you how you too can have a life and career built by tapping into the essence of what makes you unique and capitalizing on your passions. In this talk, Lauren touches on how to manage social media and maintain relevancy while growing the business of your brand and what takes priority. Lauren gives you permission to evolve based on what you’re passionate about and shows you exactly how to build, market, and protect the brand YOU.

  • Innovation in Entrepreneurship

    At age 19, Lauren founded her first business, an internationally recognized and award-winning wine brand, by 25 she founded a boutique marketing firm specializing in strategic marketing and branding of luxury goods, and by 26 she was passionate about technology startups and began advising and investing in early stage companies. In this talk, Lauren will show you how to identify your passions and weave together a harmonious roadmap that allows you to find success based on the evolution of you and your interests.

  • We All Want To Be Wonder Woman

    In this illuminating speech, Lauren shares how she rose to the top of 3 industries all before 30 and offers insight into how all women can reach their leadership goals. Lauren will discuss: effective communication, embracing fear, growing from failure, self-confidence, productive collaboration, graceful self-promotion, and intelligent networking.

    Lauren also addresses the issues of trying to juggle a career, manage a home, and raise healthy, happy children. She shares her own humorous stories of trying to balance raising her children and furthering her busy entrepreneurial career as a single mother.

  • Mom: Don’t Lose Yourself

    Real solutions and practical insight into thriving at motherhood and career successfully. Learn to recalibrate how you define success, normalcy, and sanity in two of the most important pillars of your life. Become comfortable with who you are, the construct of your family, and learn to maintain your voice and perspective amidst the noise of modern society.

  • How Your Career Can Evolve with Your Passions

    Lauren spent the first several years of her entrepreneurial career allowing other people to dictate her career goals. She spent years building a business many doubted if she could make a success and then unhappy years realizing she wasn’t passionate about the business and had accomplished her goal. She transitioned, based on her expertise and driven by her passions, into areas of professional growth and satisfaction that allowed her to tap into the essence of what makes her unique. After learning to trust her intuition, Lauren followed her passions and worked diligently and strategically on reinventing what she was known for and the industries that she could find success in. Lauren learned that she could live more than one life in a lifetime. Lauren elaborates on seven principles that will make all the difference in your career:

    • Trust your intuition and refer to logic to design your own professional life
    • Make connections before you need them and know how to work within your network
    • Stay humble but show you’re hungry—sheer grit is a rarity
    • Be inquisitive and process feedback
    • Accept that perception is reality and know how to monitor how your actions are perceived
    • Your professional success depends on your personal happiness

  • Developing the Next Generation of Women Leaders

    Lauren shares her own path to personal growth and offers both young women and educators the valuable lessons she learned along the way. In this talk, Lauren empowers women to dream big and challenges them to push themselves outside of their comfort zone to maximize their full potential and become pioneers by embracing risk and seizing opportunity.

  • Entrepreneurship:

    Do you have what it takes? Probably. But do you understand how to weather the unpredictability and reactionary approach to constantly pivoting with the moving target and the life of entrepreneurship? If that question doesn’t scare you, then this talk will show you what you really need to know, possess and do to have the right approach to get you where you want to go.

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