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, CNC, CNHP, MH - Good health is our greatest asset, and food is our best medicine. Scientist have shown that proper nutrition is the catalyst to move you from Good to Great! What we choose to eat and choose NOT to eat matters---a lot. Whole foods naturally contain the POWER to optimize health and reverse disease. Can specific foods help reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and some cancers? The answer is YES! However, the question that most people have is ---What Should I Eat? LaKeta McCauley, author of the book, 'Taking Every Bite Seriously', and The 'F

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Many thanks! I purchased your Food as Medicine Digital Library, and it has been so very helpful for my practice and my clients!!!- Marilyn Scott, CNH, CCP, RMT _Healthy Solutions for Caregivers.
After attending your seminar and reading your book, Taking Every Bit Seriously I feel great!!! I’ve been using it as a reference guide in achieving my goals for better health. I am now looking better and feeling awesome. I actually lost 4 pounds in less than two weeks-YES!!! I have been literally dancing and moving around without a lot of heavy breathing! Because of your seminar, I have a clearer understanding of how my body works and how it should be working with food nutrition. Your book gives me evidenc, -based clinical nutrition in an absolutely clear and easy to understanding format. I now understand how certain foods function in my body and how foods make me feel. Thank You LaKeta for the seminar and for the book. I feel great!
You have touched our lives and had a lasting impact on us all. We cant thank you enough! Your willingness to come so far to speak with us has been an inspiration. Our group has learned so much that we did not know about the power of food. We now know that we can do more for our health, and because of you we know what we should be doing and eating. We thank you for that. Our church members are now working on our new eating practices we learned in seminar. Thank you again.
- Barbara Edwards, Piney Grove Baptist Church
I am Dr. Deborah Durham, apostle and senior pastor over a church in Suitland Md. During a Solemn Fast, I cried out to God concerning my health and weight. He told me that in order to heal me I had to change my way of eating. Then at around 2:00 am he led me to your book, and a YouTube clipping from Buzz. It was as though you were speaking to me. I threw out chemical ridden lotions and shampoos, deodorant, tooth paste everything. I purchased your book TAKE EVERY BITE SERIOUSLY on February 13, 2014. It has revolutionized my life and my families my life. My husband took over the book the same day I purchased it. So I purchased the same book again. Needless to say it changed our life and our household, I have changed not only my eating habits but the products I use on my body as well. I have gone down 3 dress sizes from a 26 to 24, my skin is literally to Hades lighter and my hair is finally growing after years, I mean years of trying to get it to grow. I am wearing a suite that I have not worn in six years comfortably. Even one of the deacons at the Church has purchased the book. Others need to hear these trademark truths and see that the green herbs and seed baring plants work just as God said. Thank you for all the time you spent in research, I am going to share the story behind my glorious new body, health, hair growth and revitalized marriage. I am celebrating my 57th birthday on March 10th and 30th anniversary on March 24th. I thank God for you Ms. LaKeta McCauley.
- Dr. Deborah Durham, R. O. C. K Outreach Ministries Inc.
Thank you for all you did to make this first annual “Gerontology Fair: Aging with Dignity” a success. You were great!
- Gwen Shannon, MSA, Executive Vice President, WCCCD Continuing Education & Community Engagement, Northwest Campus
    • The Impact of Nutrition on Student Achievement, Behavior and Test Scores.
    • Transforming Your School Lunch Program: Healthy Meals Students Will Love!
    • Women's Empowerment: Functional Foods, Fertility and Sexual Health
    • Improving Memory, Cognitive and Physical Performance thru Whole Foods
    • Nutritional Strategies to Reverse Chronic Disease --Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc.
    • Weight Loss or Sabotage: Winning the War Against Obesity
    • Q&A Forum: What Should I Eat For.....(Your Specific Health Challenge)
    • Food Preparation: Delicious Healthy Meals in 15 Minutes or Less!
    • A Healer in Every Home Nutrition Series: Using Food to Optimize Family Wellness
    • Healthy vs. Delicious: Preparing Healthy Meals without Sacrificing Taste or Your Health
    • An Inside Job: Harmful Chemicals in Your Personal Care Products
    • Greening Your Home: Your Home and Office Environment Can Impact Your Health.

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