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John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, & Coach | Business Consultant

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From United States to Africa, John Maxwell Certified Speaker Lakeisha McKnight has been known to speak with authority and effectiveness, stirring the hearts and minds of different business professionals, students, and families. Lakeisha speaks on building next level leaders (champions), entrepreneurship development, success building, and innovation for universities, businesses, and churches. Lakeisha McKnight has received over 40 awards (including a presidential citation award) for her strong community service career. Lakeisha was named as an Entrepreneur of the '11 yr with Cambri

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I witnessed Lakeisha McKnight as a keynote speaker in Cameroon, Africa. The power and the energy that Lakeisha displays as she captures her audiences. She communicates her love for people and joy of life with such a passion that you could only be captivated. After hearing her story, you could only think “Yes I can!”- Gisele Rufer, CEO & President of Delance Swiss Watches
  • Born to LeadAs a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Lakeisha knows what it takes to WIN with people. Within this talk, Lakeisha unveils 3 specific tiers that must be learned and mastered before winning loyal friends, obtaining your ideal job or building lasting relationships with others. Lakeisha will teach your group how to: (a) Lead themselves well, (b) Examine self-leadership to help lead people within their immediate circle, and (c) Use the same skills used to lead themselves and others to be able to lead others within the corporate or business world.

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