Kevin Chappell

Kevin Chappell

White House Correspondent for EBONY MAGAZINE, the largest African-American publication in the world.

  • Kevin Chappell          

    Kevin covers the White House and Capitol Hill, including hearings, floor debates, press conferences and events throughout Washington, D.C. for Ebony Magazine.    
    In 2008, during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, he led a team of staffers at Ebony to lay out a journalistic and public relations strategy that proved to be the most important and monumental strategy ever embarked on by the magazine. In addition to in-depth coverage of the campaign, staffers took part in TV, radio, and newspaper interviews, spoke to college and civil rights groups to get the word out about what the magazine was doing, and to be in a position to respond to the barrage of media requests and the expectations from readers. The magazine won journalism awards for its coverage, advertising and circulation increased, partnerships with outside companies expanded, and the visibility of the magazine soared. It turned around the downward trend the company had been in since the recession.

    In 2009, Kevin expanded the magazine’s brand by becoming the first White House pool reporter from an African-American magazine. That same year, he was the first correspondent for an African-American magazine called on the ask a question during a prime-time presidential press conference.

    Kevin is also responsible for the content and vision of Ebony’s “Achieve” business section, which profiles America’s top business leaders as well as consumer-oriented financial issues. Under his leadership, Achieve has become a must-read for African-American business content. By focusing the personalities that drive the business world, and delivering useful career and investment news, he has transformed Ebony’s business coverage, making Achieve one of the magazine’s most popular sections.

    Throughout his time at Ebony, Kevin has reported on many historic events. In 2003, he was the only correspondent granted an interview with President Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice during the president’s historic tour of Africa. He covered the deaths and funerals of Rosa Parks and Corretta Scott King, being the only reporter granted interviews with the King family just hours before the funeral. He also was one of the first reporters on the ground in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. His firsthand coverage included reports of successful rescues hours after the storm, an interview with the city’s mayor, and an aerial tour of the flood zone with four-star General Russel Honoré in a military Black Hawk.

    In 2010, Kevin was embedded with Commanding Gen. Lloyd Austin during the Iraq war, and covered the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

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