Dr. Kecia M. Ashley

Author, speaker, trainer and coach who uses the power of motivation, inspiration and affirmation to both add value and move leaders and youth to realize their worth and move from surviving to thriving and from success to significance.

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Dr. Kecia Ashley is a business owner, academic scholar and published author who empowers and mentors young men and women throughout the country. As the latest in a long line of educators, Dr. Ashley has been in the field of education for over 20 years as a grade school teacher, school and district level administrator, consultant, and college professor. She is originally from Mississippi, but currently resides in Alabama. Dr. Ashley serves her community by volunteering in her spare time and sharing a message of hope through her focus on physic

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The most successful people in life have gotten stuck at least once on the road to fulfilling their purpose, but they kept going. If you have ever experienced being stuck due to fear, disappointment, procrastination or uncertainty, Dr. Ashley’s seminars are definitely for you! I recently invited her to speak to my students at Virginia College and Dr. Ashley’s insight and transparency provide a roadmap to success that my students will follow for years to come.- Nina Jones, Career Educator/Business Owner

As a business owner, I believe your purpose must go beyond just making money, and sometimes finding the impact you are making with the work you do can be a difficult process. I love how Dr. Ashley helps you evaluate who you are to find your passion and purpose along with providing a realistic guide to gathering all these pearls that make you who you are so you can fulfill your destiny.

- Quanyin Young, Owner Social Butterfly Boutique

All I can say is WOW! Dr. Ashley’s speech was inspirational and motivational on so many levels. She provided insight on topics that are important to women and every woman left this event changed for the better on one level or another. Each time I have heard her speak it is more impactful than the last!

- Kayshia Featherstone, Corporate Sales

Dr. Ashley is one of the most compassionate and dynamic speakers I have ever heard who appeals to both youth and adults alike. After doing a series of talks with students at my school she left my students energized and motivated to pursue their dreams.

- Kimberly Carter, Career Educator

We’ve all heard the phrase “What God has for you, is for you”, but sometimes it’s difficult to interpret what exactly that is. Your true purpose in life is not always revealed easily. Pearls for God’s Daughter provides a blueprint to reference, as a daughter of God, through your journey of discovery and enlightenment.

- Stacey Diltz-Thomas, Owner, Stacey Wines
  • Interview Topics

    • Walking in Purpose
    • Forgiveness
    • Mastering fear, disappointment and the desire to quit
    • Discovering who you are
    • What it means to be God’s Daughter
    • Healthy self-esteem / building self-confidence
    • The power of positive connections
    • Embracing change
    • Empowering youth to experience success, both in school and daily life

  • Other Topics

    • At-Risk Youth
    • School Culture/Climate
    • Graduation/Convocation Keynote
    • Personal Growth
    • Cultural Responsiveness
    • Topics Related To Women

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