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Karen is an instructional designer and dynamic keynote speaker and facilitator helping companies maximize their leadership potential. King shares the unique opportunity today’s market presents to enhance their bottom line while fulfilling the human need to make a contribution to our society and the groups in our lives. Helping teams enhance their communication, conflict resolution, creativity and inclusion skills with organizational development and strategic planning. Marketing Diversity is Karen’s strategy for serving your market. Karen is on the Advis

I want to thank you for your support, stellar presence and invaluable input at the ‘Kick Off’ for our unprecedented three day Actra Toronto Conference in February. It was a no brainer to involve you as one of our ‘Uber Women’ on the Introductory Panel for our TAWC (Toronto Actra Women’s Committee) inaugural session representing Women as Producers and Motivators in the Business. You were wonderfully passionate and inspirational in your address to the almost two hundred female and male Actra Toronto members who gathered at 9:00 a.m. to celebrate TAWC and our intention to not only survive but to thrive! As clearly you do. I’ve been told to pick my battles and it was comforting to know that I can do just that because you are on the Front lines fighting for all of us. Your leadership in the Passion for Action seminar with Wendy Crewson was a highlight of the morning and we are still getting feedback from Actra members who were encouraged to “find their voice”. Many thanks for taking the time and giving of your powerful energy. I only hope we can entice you to join us in future passionate action.- Best, Cayle Chernin, TAWC Chair, Actra Toronto
I am writing to say thank you so much for the Diversity work shop you lead at the NSI Totally Television boot camp. I have to admit at first I was confused and concerned with how I was going to include diversity into our project. 
Your course enabled me to recognize not only the business benefit of including diversity in my tv series but the most exciting part is that I now realize the storytelling value increases tenfold.  
By truly representing the amazingly diverse people that make up Canada we not only increase the audience that will be interested in a show but we also open up the creative process to take us on a journey and really explore the story we are trying to tell.
I really didn’t see that before I worked with you, I now understand the importance of giving each character an authentic voice true to their heritage and also the value of a diverse crew in helping ensure this authentic voice is heard.
That all said it is exciting to think of all the possible combinations of people a production can bring together which will ultimately form great friendships! These friendships will make everyones experience on the planet that much richer. 
Thank you on so many levels and I also should mention I also realize there is still much more to learn!!
- Aubrey Arnason, Producer, Actor

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