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"Motivational, Leadership, Peak Performance Expert, Outcome Focus, Business Growth Expert Trainer, & Best Selling Author""

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Following a successful career as a mental health professional, Dr. John Oda founded Oda Research International a leading consulting company that conducts Business and peak performance coaching, workshop shops and seminars for business professionals around the world.Dr. John Oda is recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs worldwide. He was featured in “Meeting the Giants,” working with renowned speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Dan Kennedy, and Les Brown. He is also regarded as a business expert on the Evan Carmichael website. His writings appear

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\"With a style all his own and vigor that inspires others to take action, John is a true crusader for assisting others in making a positive change in their lives. The lives of those they love. I\\\'m proud to call him a friend. My wish for you is that you too will come to work with him, and know him as well. Dr. Oda will add ten times the value. I guarantee it!\"Joseph McClendon III, Anthony Robbins head trainer co-author two best sellers
\"\"This program changed my team forever... Dr. John coaching has empowered our company with the skills and mindset to become a true team. It has given us tools to better communicate with one another and learn how to effectively relate with different styles and personalities. This program WORKS!\"\"Motivational, Leadership, Peak Performance Expert, Outcome Focus, Business Growth Expert Trainer, & Best Selling Author\"\", President of Hideki Electronics

  • LEADERSHIP THROUGH EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONLeadership is the ability to influence others. The influence that one can exert based on job title or specialized expertise is limited. This course focused on communications, one of the additional skills that is needed to be an outstanding leader. We are always presenting ourselves and our ideals to others. Some of us are naturally gifted communicators while others have difficulty relating ideas to another individual or audiences. The most effective communicators are those who have built upon their natural strengths to develop personally effective styles. This course provides a framework and specific tools to help managers find and develop their most effective personal communications styles.

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