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    It’s a game called, ‘Life’ - and Johnel Barron has the proven, winning approach to reach into the wandering souls of today’s youth.  Affectionately referred to as “Mr. B”, this powerful speaker, consultant, and mentor is changing the dynamics for how teens across the country define “personal success”.

    Often mistaken as a college student himself, Johnel has the ability to connect with teens and parents with a strong voice of reason that takes the individual on an educational, emotional, and mental journey towards transformation with a new appreciation for personal development on all levels. His lectures and coaching programs provide students with a new appreciation for personal development on all levels.

    Johnel’s dynamic speaking talent releases his audience into a ‘reality-based’ walk of self-discovery that is dedicated to open the eyes, minds and hearts of our society’s future leaders.  In his quest to build a strong foundation in both the youth of today and their families, Johnel continues to support and guide communities, while influencing the individual.

    Through recruitment and directorship positions at Los Angeles Southwest College and the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, Johnel has conducted years of research and gained valuable insight into the mindsets of the millennial generation. By eliciting a positive change in their attitudes, actions and environment, Johnel Barron’s goal is to promote a positive change in our community by tapping into the educational system and reducing our country’s drop-out rates.

    Johnel’s vast contributions also extend into the business sphere from his multilateral understanding of corporate culture to serving as a respected consultant, providing communicative strategies and manageable solutions to organizations that share his passion for empowering the youth market.

    As founder of Johnel Barron International and iSTRIVE Enterprises LLC, Johnel Barron is committed to delivering the greatest generation of individuals - the millennial generation- to its’ destiny. Through iSTRIVE, Johnel Barron has created the Teach Me How to Study Tour that provides motivational pep rallies to schools across the country in an effort to not only keep students in school but raise their GPA. The theme of the tour is “iSTRIVE, iSTUDY, iSUCCEED”, and this movement to help students of all grade levels value education, progress and graduate, is quickly gaining popularity in major cities.

    A graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interpersonal Communications and Public Speaking, Johnel has sharpened his professional skills in management, leadership, recruitment and community outreach. He successfully combines his expertise in the business world with a deeply defined personal passion of leading today’s youth and their parents, emphasizing that greatness in life, education and happiness are all winning possibilities.

    “We are concerned about our child’s future and building a better tomorrow, yet we fail to see that he/she is already someone today.” - Johnel Barron

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