Jenifer Spratley

Transformational/Motivational Speaker, Business Woman, Confidence Coach, Founder of SHIFT Women's Conference, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Agent, and Author. I work with women who are ready to shift their calling to their career with confidence!

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My ideas are clear, relevant and organized. My delivery is dynamic and compelling, I bring an appropriate level of energy, passion, and clear thinking that brings value to the listener. I not only inspire people, but I shift paradigms and create results. My message is for the masses; however, I have a specific message for:• Anyone that has been thinking about starting but just can’t seem to get going, my message will inspire you to get in the game, step into the arena, step up to the plate and swing the bat! • Women 40 and ove

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Jen and Rod Spratley are delightful and the most engaging people we have come to know. They are people oriented people and they love working with people and seeing them do well. I would highly recommend them.- Dr. Windell Boutte, Dermatologist, Atlanta, Georgia

Jenifer is a dynamic speaker and is very, very good at helping people discover their calling.

- Caleb Pierce, Retired Master Sargent US Airforce, Hampton, Virginia

Your story was very impressive and your delivery was dynamic. You truly spoke to the hearts of our residence and we look forward to you coming back!

- Peter McNeil, Employment and Life Skills Case Manager, Judeo-Christian Outreach Center

The response from the student leaders at the Student Leadership Winter Retreat was outstanding. Your talk was truly encouraging. Thank you and I look forward to having you back in the near future.

- Sharon Trabbold, Director of Student Activities, Hampton University

Thank you for the time you spent inspiring our students, your words were uplifting and you guys are eagles.

- Paulette Johnson, Associate Professor, Virginia State University

That was so good -- we weren’t bored like we are with the other speakers. You actually stood in front of us and walked around the room and kept us interested!

- Students, Hampton High School

I was so excited to participate in a recent women’s conference with speaker Jen Spratley. Thank you Jen for inspiring us with your words of encouragement and reminding us that we all have a unique gift. As Jen said, “Jump off the porch and go after it”.

- Cindy Davis, VP Old Point Bank
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