Dr. Jason Johnson

Breaking down the tough issues with wit and common sense & bringing the people back into politics

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Dr. Jason is a professor, political analyst and public speaker. Fresh, unflappable, objective, and known for his ability to break down complex stories with wit and candor Dr. Jason Johnson is an up and coming voice in political and social commentary.Dr. Jason Johnson is the author the book Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell, which has been featured in Campaigns and Elections magazine and on National Public Radio. He is currently an Associate Professor of political science and communication at Hiram College in Northeast Ohio, serves as Politics Editor for T

  • How I Learned to Love the Recession: A Primer on Business Start-Ups during Economic Downturns

    One Day to Sell....Your Business: How to Use Obama Campaign tactics to advance your business

    Jumping the Broom and Jumping to Conclusions: The Great Truths about Black Relationshps and Marriages

    One Day to Sell...Your Life: If you had to sell your life to someone else in one day could you do it? Learn How!

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