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, LPBC, CBP, CFLT, CEDP, CMA, CF, President “If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.” Jim is into Attitude Adjustment. He feels that it is important to change the mind of the individual in order to affect different results, especially in the case of business owners. For more than 30years, Jim has put entrepreneurs and business owners on the right track to success. As Chief Coach of TheXtra-Ordinary Business Builders, he believes in motivating, training, educating and getting to those “reticular activators”

As a television journalist, I have interviewed many business leaders over the years, including Sam Walton the founder of Walmart. I would put James in the same league based on his business sense, ingenuity and understanding of business. As a business coach he is able to be as basic as necessary to help those looking to establish a new business
Experienced Joomla Website and CiviCRM Implementation Specialist that works with churches and non-profit organizations. Jim is an authority on helping business owners start and build a successful business. His gift is his ability to help you take your vision to beyond even what you thought you could do. Using experience plus proven tools and processes Jim is able to help business owners like myself stay focused and prepared for business opportunities and success.
- Janice Gentle, -Jones

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