Jamal Jackson

CEO • Attorney • Consultant • Entrepreneur • Mentor • Community Advocate • Legacy Builder teaching individuals How to create their own success & reach their full potential

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Jamal Jackson is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. At the age of 25 Jamal had started two businesses and become fully “self-employed” with the goal of creating an empire that values innovation over tradition, customer/community service over self-service, and employee appreciation over profit. In June of 2012, Jamal and two of his close friends co-founded Initiative Consulting Group, LLC. ICG was created to provide wholistic business consulting services to start-ups and mid-sized companies. Focusing on the areas of Finance, Mar

When I lined up several CEO’s of small businesses to speak at my university on the subject of what today’s entrepreneurs are looking for in their new hires, I got a 2-fer in Jamal Jackson. He spoke not only from the content of strong management, entrepreneurial and professional practice experience, he delivered his message with an inspirational passion equal to some of the best motivational speakers I’ve seen. Put Jamal in front of your team for both grounded perspective and inspirational purpose.- Stephen R. Grove, Managing Partner, EA, Net, Inc., Adjunct Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
  • Business

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Building Your Brand
    • Business Development
    • Business Law

  • Leadership

    • Building An Effective Team
    • Driving Results
    • Earning Respect as a Leader
    • Understanding the Role of a Leader

  • Legacy

    • Success Identification & Attainment
    • Personal Development
    • Defeating the Odds (Overcoming Obstacles)
    • Uncovering Your Passions

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