Isis Brantley

Guru of natural hair care and cultural consciousness for melanated people • Social Activist

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Master natural hair stylist Isis Brantley has been a vibrant spokeswoman for black ancestral culture for over thirty years. As an iconic adorner and educator in the beauty industry, Isis has maintained a presence in her community. She has also been actively involved in the fight for preserving cultural identity for African Americans in her decade long battle with the State of Texas regarding anti-braiding regulations. In 1997 Isis was arrested for braiding hair without a license. Although at the time, no laws in the state of Texas required br

I invited Isis to speak at the Heritage Foundation and we were thrilled with her talk. Isis is a dynamic and engaging speaker who powerfully communicates her story. She is an effective voice for those U.S. political discourse often ignores.James Sherk, Research Fellow, Labor Economics

In 2015 I watched Isis Brantley at the Texas Legislature advocate for the economic liberty of braiders across Texas. While speaking to lawmakers during a Senate Business & Commerce Committee hearing, Ms. Brantley’s clarity, poise, and message captured the room’s attention―she is a compelling speaker with great presence.

Arif Panju, Attorney

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