Isiah Anderson

Isiah is a visionary with a passion for change, and is committed to creating opportunities for urban communities to thrive in the areas of economic, education and community revitalization.

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Isiahis a man of passion. From his faith, to his family, to his business, he is driven by a passion for change. With more than 20 years of experience in leadership, mentoring, and coaching, Isiah aides his team in developing and implementing programs designed to innovate urban education, create economic opportunities and cultivate community-building partnerships. He is the Managing Officer of Three Cord Inc., a management company committed to building strong, healthy, and sustainable urban communities that thrive in the areas of economic development, education, and communit

Coach Anderson was one of the first people to let me know that I had potential to do whatever I wanted in life. I remember sitting on the bench in between AAU games and him telling that one day I would be a great player. From that moment on the passion and drive I had was different. He finds a way to bring the best out of people on and off the court. I am glad to be influenced by him at such a young age. Isiah Anderson is definitely one person who has helped me reach the level I am at today.- Pops Mensah, Professional Basketball Player

Isiah has an incredible passion for working with young people that is evident in everything he does. He has been able to convert that passion into business success, but he has never forgotten his roots or his purpose in life. He is an inspiration!

- Scott Dempwolf, Research Assistant Professor at University of Maryland

Isiah has demonstrated tremendous energy, knowledge and business acumen on behalf of his organization. He excels at strategy and aligning his resources, partnerships, and business interests with the best interests of the York, PA community. He has a keen sense of the local landscape and leverages his resources and networks to benefit the children, families, and communities his organization serves. He demands a high level of customer service, critical thinking and accountability. As such, he provides outstanding leadership to his organization and works hard to improve the lives of children in his community.

- Jay Young, Operations Executive Advisor, Business Services at Blackmore Partners LLC
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