Hakeem Rahim

A leading African American voice in mental illness, wellness and recovery.

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Hakeem Rahim, Ed.M, M.A. is the owner of Live Breathe, LLC, the NAMI Queens/Nassau Let's Talk Mental Illness™ presenter, an advocate, published author, poet and TEDx Speaker. Hire Hakeem to motive, inspire and transform your audience or organization. His topics include mental wellness; life purpose; achievement. His audiences include, colleges, school, mental health organizations and corporations. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder as an undergraduate at Harvard University, Hakeem Rahim adds a personable voice to the discussion around mental wellness. Hakeem addresses th

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Hakeem is a young brilliant and visionary figure whom I support wholeheartedly. Do not miss his vision and insight!- Dr. Cornel West Emeritus, Princeton University

Hakeem is a man of great compassion, who possesses a wisdom and eloquence beyond his years. He has my utmost respect and support.

- Mickey Melendez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, John Jay College

  • Mental Health Speaker, Advocate and Educator

    • 18 Years Lived Experience w/ Bipolar Disorder
    • Speaks to youth in schools and colleges; provides perspective on youth and mental illness
    • Provides lived experience (consumer) perspective on mental illness, recovery and wellness
    • Provides perspective on mental illness in communities of color
    • Provides perspective on speaking w/ faith based communities
    • Provides lived experience perspective on medication usage and stigma

    Let's Talk About Mental Illness
    Designed for College, High School and Middle School Students, mental health educator and speaker, Hakeem Rahim, shares his personal journey while informing students about mental illness. Given the stressors, self-destructive behaviors and negative images our youth contend with today, mental health awareness is optional, it is essential.

    Hakeem’s message of resilience has been shared with over 5,000 students and has resonated with students, teachers administrators alike. Choose Hakeem for a story focused, poetry-infused presentation that educates, inspires and motivates your young people.

    Mental Illness Unmasked
    Mental Illness Unmasked is designed to educate, empower and inspire audiences. Hakeem dives into his personal journey with mental illness, recovery and wellness and shares key life lessons that he has learned from living with bipolar disorder. Hakeem's openness and vulnerability has touched audiences ranging from teachers, administrators, college staff, law enforcement and parent groups.

    Suitable for keynotes, workshops and staff presentations, choose Hakeem's message of resilienceto motivate, empower and transform your audience members.

    Live with Power; Lead with Vulnerability
    How do you gain courage and confidence? How do you lead a more authentic life? How do you find out what you are really made to do? Via his challenges with mental illness and lessons learned, Hakeem shares how being vulnerable led him to his vocation.

    Suitable for keynotes and presentations, Live with Power is an inspirational talk that is sure to motivate professionals seeking purpose and college students seeking their path.

    "When I showed my vulnerability, all walls fell down." -Hakeem Rahim

    Obstacles are Opportunities
    In this talk, Harvard and Columbia educated mental health speaker and educator, Hakeem Rahim inspires high school students with his by sharing his academic journey and the obstacles he has had to overcome to achieving his successes.

    Hakeem’s story focused, poetry-infused presentation will motivate your students to see their challenges and confidence builders and obstacles as opportunities.

    Breaking Through Stigma: The Highs and Lows of Mental Health (Schools)

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