Dr. Garth Vickers

Leadership expert & revenue growth strategist, international keynote speaker, best-selling author, success coach, consultant, and successful business owner for over 10 years.

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DISCOVER HOW A LEADERSHIP EXPERT CAN DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR SALES, PRODUCTIVITY, AND RELATIONSHIPS. There is a sense of calm, clarity, and worldly resources when a true leader speaks. Their words hit the rawest nerves, propel you to climb that one last step, and ultimately reintroduce you to the power from within. These are the qualities that Garth Vickers so effortlessly emanates the moment he steps on stage. He’s got the smile of your best friend and the stories to match. Jamaican born and American driven, Garth exemplifies the men

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Dr. Garth’s words move me to imagine a world without poverty, not only physical poverty, but spiritual poverty. A world in which everyone knows what wealth is and how to create it: can you imagine?!  A world of One Love.

Our agents are now producing more than ever using Garth’s system… generating a combined $5M in target premium per year. His unique sales trainings are powerful and have given us a competitive edge by educating our teams on understanding subconscious buying behavior.

- Moreen Wallace, Managing Director, National Wealth Agency

My resort would not be thriving today if it weren’t for his genius techniques and unique strategies, which saved our floundering resort. He saved hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by streamlining our operations, reducing employee expenses and cutting down our cost of goods sold by 26%. He decimated our company debt down from $1M to $150,000 and brought the resort’s net income up to 10.5%, bringing our resort and restaurant to TripAdvisor’s #1. But, the most dramatic change was the employee atmosphere. Garth guided, motivated, and inspired the resort’s workforce into a team of individuals who love their jobs and work toward the common goal of making their resort the best in the country.

- John Nelson, President, The Palms Resort

Garth’s highly motivating team builder trainings have cut turnover amongst staff from 15% to less than 5% per year. His high-energy speeches leave our team highly engaged at the edge of their seats.

- Cassandra Williams, New Horizon C.D.C ta/Kiddie University
  • Secrets to Successful Sales & Subconscious Connection

    • Outperform your competition by harnessing the power of body language
    • Instantly ooze the charisma of master closers by utilizing primal messaging

  • The Power of Mirror Mind-framing™

    • Attract and maintain stronger customer relations by mapping facial expressions, body language, and tonality
    • Instantly flip the buyers’ no’s using advanced resistance-spotting techniques

  • Cracking the Commitment Code

    • Maximize performance and drive by designing customized employee incentive programs
    • Easily identify root problems through innovative communication and conflict resolution techniques

  • Building Dedicated Teams with Creative Cohesion

    • Increase confidence and creative awareness through glass ceilings breakthroughs
    • Elevate professional development by using visual transference and empowerment imagery

  • Partial Client List

    Creative Option Inc., University of District of Columbia, University of the West Indies, The Palms Resort Negril, Negril Tree House Resort, Kristyl’s International Restaurant JA, TMR Youth Club, KBM Healthcare Agency, Wealth Messenger LLC, National Wealth Agency LLC. G&V Account Firm, Little Samaritan CDC, Kiddie University CDC. Master Mind Media LLC. Miss District of Columbia, 4 Tech Media.

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