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Award-Winning Teen Entrepreneur • Bestselling Author • International Speaker • Youth Mentor

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“When I reflect back on my life, I want it to be filled with big dreams, big actions and big accomplishments and that’s what I want for others,” says Gabrielle Jordan, the flourishing teen with a mature, yet youthful mix of brilliance, business-savvy and poise. Gabrielle Jordan has made a great deal of accomplishments, yet she knows that those accomplishments are only the beginning of her quest to leave a global impact in business, motivational speaking and publishing. With a list of recognitions under her belt, Gabrielle is creating tidal waves for her crea

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Gabrielle is a little force of nature who I know will eclipse many of the accomplishments of many older entrepreneurs...- Dr. Willie Jolley, Award Winning Speaker & Best Selling Author

Throughout her talk, I was saying to myself “where did this kid get her chutzpah?!”. I’m more than three times her age, and I don’t have nearly that much chutzpah. She got up on that stage and spoke to a room of over 250 people and got a standing ovation. I realized that if a 13-year-old girl could move a room full of adults, then half the battle is in just believing it.

- TEDx Rock Creek Park Attendee

..... I loved your book, and I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading the book the same day and it’s currently my favorite book I’ve ever read......Right after I finished reading your book, I went to my mom and asked her if I could have a dance studio and she said yes, so currently I am teaching about 10 students so far and I am enjoying it. I probably never would’ve thought of doing this, if it weren’t for your book. So I just wanted to thank you so much. I really appreciate it......Thank you again.

- Ricarda
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  • Entrepreneurship: The Making Of A Young Entrepreneur (Developing The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur)

    Leadership: Tomorrow's Leaders Are Leaders Today | Empowering The Next Generation Of Leader

    Unleashing Your Unique Value: What Makes You Unique, Makes You Valueable

    Empowerment: Dream Big | Let Your Voice Be Heard

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