Dr. Frederick James

Dr. James is your Teacher-Coach of health and personal finance, career development, accelerated self-improvement, social mobility, and wealth creation.

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Dr. James is the founder of the PowerSpending Academy, originator of the term “PowerSpending”, and author of the book “Spend Don’t Save”. Forthcoming books this fall (2014) are “Financial Cancer-How to cure with PowerSpending”, and “MiddleFinance”, a financial curriculum for children in grades 4 to 6.He is the developer of the personal finance software, “IONMYCASH”, and the “BucketBank” product, a wealth manager for living well with better health and more wealth.He is dedicated to the sharing of e

  • Self-Development
    -Meet the "Best of Me"
    -A View of Reality
    -Not Conforming But Transforming
    -Empowering Your Power
    -Take The Fear Out of Setting Goal and Being Committed

    Personal Finance
    -What Exactly is Financial Freedom This Day in Age?
    -Am I Ready to Create New Wealth?
    -Living From Paycheck to Paycheck Can Be Good
    -The Treasury of Having Accountability Partners

    Youth Finance
    -When to Teach Children About Money

    -Better Health Made Easy

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