Erica Nicole

Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine®, a Young, Fabulous & Self- Employed® Brand • The Voice of Small Business • Serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, B2B brand ambassador, entrepreneurship advisor and syndicated columnist.

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The Voice of Small BusinessErica Nicole makes headlines as a small business expert source by serving up fresh, provocative and insanely addictive behind-the-scenes business know-how.One of the most dynamic, young female serial entrepreneurs of her generation, Erica Nicole is the Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine®, a Young, Fabulous & Self- Employed® brand, the definitive digital magazine for startups, small business and entrepreneurship culture.MSNBC Your Business TV ContributorHailed by Visa Business as an industry thought leader, Erica is an accomplished entrepr

A champion … for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial experience.- Ebony Magazine

Expert perspectives like yours offer valuable insights on the industry and provide critical external viewpoints as we all seek to grow in a redefined marketplace.

- Bill Sheedy, Visa, Inc. Group President of the Americas

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