Erica Nicole

Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine®, a Young, Fabulous & Self- Employed® Brand • The Voice of Small Business • Serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, B2B brand ambassador, entrepreneurship advisor and syndicated columnist.

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The Voice of Small BusinessErica Nicole makes headlines as a small business expert source by serving up fresh, provocative and insanely addictive behind-the-scenes business know-how.One of the most dynamic, young female serial entrepreneurs of her generation, Erica Nicole is the Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine®, a Young, Fabulous & Self- Employed® brand, the definitive digital magazine for startups, small business and entrepreneurship culture.MSNBC Your Business TV ContributorHailed by Visa Business as an industry thought leader, Erica is an accomplished entrepr

A champion … for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial experience.- Ebony Magazine

Expert perspectives like yours offer valuable insights on the industry and provide critical external viewpoints as we all seek to grow in a redefined marketplace.

- Bill Sheedy, Visa, Inc. Group President of the Americas

Thanks so much for an outstanding program. You were incredibly engaging and delivered an inspirational message. Our students really benefited from your presentation.

- The University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Already one of the largest and most influential independent startup and small business news sites, the magazine’s impact will continue to expand this year, especially with Erica behind the wheel.

- Entrepreneur Magazine

Thank you for speaking at the Dyson Symposium on Women in Leadership. We appreciate your help making this inaugural event a success.

- Cornell University, Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

Hailed 1 of “15 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2015.”

- Entrepreneur Magazine
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